TRRS One GOLD 2022

TRS Motorcycles
presents the TRRS One Gold 2022 range, the brand’s top-of-the-range model that bears the seal of Jordi Tarrés.

As has been customary since 2018, the TRRS Gold is manufactured in a limited edition format for everyone, based on the TRRS One RR, on which an upgrade of components and certain technical details are carried out that we detail below.

It will again be available in all displacements and with an electric start option.

TRRS One GOLD 2022
TRRS one gold 2022

TRRS One Gold 2022 News

The TRRS One Gold 2022 is equipped with a number of components that have traditionally been linked to its DNA.

We are referring, on the one hand, to the air filter box made of carbon fiber, which also receives a new nozzle that improves the position compared to its predecessor and favors greater airflow.

The most relevant section of the One GOLD 2022 is the suspension scheme. For the front end, the new 39mm aluminium TECH fork with Kashima treatment on its bars has been chosen; This translates into an increase in the hardness of the bar, also increasing its sliding capacity and providing a smoother movement.

In the rear damping system, the Reiger Hydrostop three-way shock absorber is once again relied on, which requires a specific wishbone, different from the one equipped with the One RR.

The chassis is completed with a swingarm with more dimensional precision, which on this occasion is finished in white.

In the exhaust system, it uses a new forged bracket at the front, which keeps the titanium exhaust curve, the version and the most “Racing” features fixed.

Mechanically, the radiator receives a new cap to improve the reliability and maintenance of the cooling system.

In the 125cc engine there are more additional changes, such as the new domed piston, the new crankshaft assembly, a more compressed and reinforced internal cylinder head, as well as a reinforced temperature-sensing head cover. Finally, the magnetic flywheel debuts a new configuration to seek a more linear power delivery.

The new graphics harmonize the new One GOLD 2022 in its entirety, the brand’s hallmark in competition.


NEW MECHANICS 125cc engine

TRRS One GOLD 2022
TRRS one gold 2022

TRRS Gold vs One RR Differences



TRRS Gold 2022 Photo Gallery

TRRS One GOLD 2022
TRRS one gold 2022

TRS Motorcycles Range 2022

The electric start of the TRRS

The challenge required modifying the TRRS engine, introducing a new crankcase, new crankshaft and a new magnetic flywheel with its cover.
In its innards, it works with an oil-bathed bearing system. Work has been done to achieve an optimal gear ratio, driven by a powerful 500W MITSUBA SM18 motor together with a Lithium-Ion battery of only 400 grams located behind the headlight.

All this represents a final weight of slightly less than two kilos compared to the model of the same name without electric starter.

TRRS One R 2021 arranque electrico
TRRS electric start onto left motor loop
motor TRS Motorcycles arranque electrico
Diagram of the composition of the electric starter
  • Displacements: 125-250-280-300cc
  • Engine: 2-stroke single-cylinder (electric start option)
  • Power supply: Keihin PWK 28 carburetor
  • Gearbox: 5-speed
  • Weight: 70 kg (72 kg electric start)
  • Price: 8.999€
  • Front Tire: Michelin X11
  • Rear Tire: Michelin X11
  • Brakes: Braktec, with 185mm and 150mm discs
  • Front Suspension: Tech 39mm Kashima
  • Rear Suspension: 3-Way Reiger
  • Chassis: Aluminium
  • Start: Kick-Off / Electric
  • Fuel capacity: 3.7 litres
  • Engine oil capacity: 350cc
  • Spark Plug: NGK-R BPMR6A

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