TRRS One RR Raga Racing 2022

TRS Motorcycles introduces
the new 2022 TRRS One Raga Racing. A key model in the brand’s range, as it is the great bestseller and the most represented in competition. Without going any further, by the runner-up in the world championship, Adam Raga.

The high evolutionary point in which the One RR finds itself makes it difficult to surpass itself edition after edition, but the brand technically captained by Jordi Tarrés continues to surprise with interesting technical improvements and updating certain components.

trrs one raga racing 2022 trs motorcycles
trrs one raga racing 2022 trs motorcycles

news part of the cycle trrs one Rr 2022

In the chassis section, the position of the steering tube angle has been modified, as well as the heat treatment process to reduce stresses and dimensional improvements. These changes significantly increase agility and handling by the driver. Added to the optimal rigidity and unrivalled feel that characterises the innovative TRRS frame.

At the bottom, the new rubber for the protection of the crankcase substantially increases the resistance to possible shocks.

On the intake side, in the filter box, we find a new drain tab that improves drainage when both water and mud are abundant on the ground. In addition, the improvement in the air filter spring improves its positioning.

The front fork, with new settings and gold bars, is equipped with black bottles that combine with machined and anodized steering plates in the same color.

There are many new features that continue to strengthen the brand’s identity. These include the new gas control cover and the elastic strap of the man-overboard device, both with the TRRS logo.

The electrical installation mounts a new protector for the regulator connector, which improves protection against the projection of water and mud. This system powers the cooling managed by the reliable electronic temperature sensor along with an efficient Ø134mm fan.

In the cushioning system, a more reinforced ball joint is added that increases durability and reduces free play.

In the exhaust system, it uses a new forged bracket at the front, which keeps the titanium exhaust curve, the version and the most “Racing” features fixed.

The black anodized rims with white hub match the new aesthetics of the bike as a whole.

The new graphics harmonize the new RR 2022 in its entirety, the brand’s hallmark in competition.


new mechanical trrs one Rr 2022

New in displacements 250-280-300

The aluminium injection crankcases have received an update, which increases manufacturing precision and reduces stresses.

The filler cap changes to anodized in red, as well as the boot lever cinch bushing.

The magnetic flywheel changes the configuration, increasing torque at low revs and achieving a more linear power delivery.

New in the 125 model

The 125cc displacement has been equipped with a new crankshaft, piston, cylinder head and cylinder head cover.

The magnetic flywheel changes its configuration, increasing torque at low revs and achieving a more linear power delivery.

What’s new in the model with electric start:

As already announced with the GOLD model, the cable routing from the battery to the starter motor has been updated. A redesign of the starter motor has also been incorporated that improves mounting with the exhaust.

The magnetic flywheel changes the configuration and increases the inertia, thereby increasing torque at low revs and achieving a more linear power delivery.

A new choke handle is added to make it easier to operate when equipped with electric start.


NEW MECHANICS 125cc engine

MECHANICAL NOVELTIES electric starter motor

trrs one raga racing 2022 trs motorcycles
TRRS One RR 2022
trrs one raga racing 2022 trs motorcycles
TRRS One RR 2022

TRRS One R vs One RR Differences




The electric start of the TRRS

The challenge required modifying the TRRS engine, introducing a new crankcase, new crankshaft and a new magnetic flywheel with its cover.
In its innards, it works with an oil-bathed bearing system. Work has been done to achieve an optimal gear ratio, driven by a powerful 500W MITSUBA SM18 motor together with a Lithium-Ion battery of only 400 grams located behind the headlight.

All this represents a final weight of slightly less than two kilos compared to the model of the same name without electric starter.

TRRS One R 2021 arranque electrico
TRRS electric start onto left motor loop
motor TRS Motorcycles arranque electrico
Diagram of the composition of the electric starter
  • Displacements: 125-250-280-300cc
  • Engine: 2-stroke single-cylinder (electric start option)
  • Power supply: Keihin PWK 28 carburetor
  • Gearbox: 5-speed
  • Weight: 69 kg (72 kg electric start)
  • Price: ND€
  • Front Tire: Michelin X11
  • Rear Tire: Michelin X11
  • Brakes: Braktec, with 185mm and 150mm discs
  • Front Suspension: Tech 39mm
  • Rear Suspension: 2-Way Reiger
  • Chassis: Aluminium
  • Start: Kick-Off / Electric
  • Fuel capacity: 2.4 litres
  • Engine oil capacity: 350cc
  • Spark Plug: NGK-R BPMR6A

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