Electric Motion EPURE Race Preparation with Junior Kit

We present a very interesting project that undoubtedly makes parents rethink the evolutionary path of their children in their learning at the controls of the trial bike. Here we have the Electric Motion EPure Race “Kit Junior” and below we

How much money does a professional trial rider make?

It’s the big question we’ve asked ourselves many times. And not only because of the curiosity to know how much professional trial riders earn, but also to understand what possibilities there are to grow sportively as a pilot and end

NONSTOP on the trial bike and the reason for its decline

The NONSTOP The Regulations of the Trial Bike Since the origins of trial, although today it is generating great controversy, since the technical evolution of riding and the capacity of the bikes have made clear the incompatibility with this regulation

How to pass the MOT on a trial bike?

Consejos para acertar comprando una moto de trial usada – ocasión Trial bikes are required to pass the ITV (Technical Vehicle Inspection), just like any other motorcycle, as long as the bike is registered, regardless of the use we give

Secrets and tips for initiation to Children’s Trial

It is essential that the child sees Trial as a game. The technical demands of many sports, including Trial, require continuous learning that generally begins at a very early age. Not all of them start directly on the motorcycle, but

Tips for buying a used trial bike right

5 errores a la hora de comprar una moto de trial The purchase of a second-hand or used trial bike is a process that generates as much excitement as fear (or respect). A large part of the Users looking for

BETA EVO MY 2023 news review

Prueba Beta EVO Factory 300 2022: “hay vida más allá de la exclusividad” The new Trial EVO 300 2023 Beta is now available on the Trialworld Store. We have taken advantage of the arrival of the first unit to tell