What Should You Know About Oil Mixing on 2-Stroke Trial Bikes?

¿Cúanto dinero gana un piloto profesional de Trial? Getting the percentage of the oil-in-fuel mixture of a trial bike with a two-stroke engine right is essential. There are risks to the mechanics and their performance, whether there is an imbalance

VIDEO | Keys to electronic injection on trial bikes

LISTEN TO PODCASTS Technologically, we are facing a critical moment in the history of trial. The evolutionary dynamics of this sector are relatively slow due to the limited size of the market, so that the fans themselves are, on many

How to maintain and tighten the chain of the trial bike?

Before addressing how the tensioning and detensioning process is executed to achieve the ideal heights, it may be the case that in trial bikes with a certain age the eccentrics (tensioners that are located on both sides of the axle)