2023 Vertigo Mini Nitro 50cc

Trialworld Store concesionario oficial Vertigo Motors en Madrid Vertigo Motors has presented a new edition of its children’s trial bike, the Vertigo Mini Nitro, which replaces the Vertigo Mini Vandal in the catalog, positioning itself as the only traditional alternative

Secrets and tips for initiation to Children’s Trial

It is essential that the child sees Trial as a game. The technical demands of many sports, including Trial, require continuous learning that generally begins at a very early age. Not all of them start directly on the motorcycle, but

Torrot Kids Trial 2022 electric for children

Secretos y consejos para la iniciación al Trial Infantil Torrot presents its new range of children’s electric motorcycles with the launch of six models covering the disciplines of trial, motocross and supermotard. Taking advantage of the brand’s disassociation with GasGas,

TRRS On-E Kids 2021 Electric

TRRS On-E Kids 20″ electric 2021 WHAT’S NEW TRRS ON-E KIDS 2021 WHAT’S NEW New controller with regulation of power, speed and response Simplified electrical installation with potentiometers Multi-voltage fast charger with 4.5A charging capacity. NEWS PART OF THE CYCLE

TRRS On-E Kids Electric Kids

TRS Motorcycles is fully involved in the children’s trial motorcycle sector with a groundbreaking product powered by an electric trial motor , designed for young riders from 5 years old. The electric TRRS On-E Kids demonstrates TRS Motorcycles ‘ strong

Beta Test XL 20-inch electric minitrial

The Italian brand’s traditional Minitrial saga concentrates its commitment on 100% electric children’s models, with alternatives in both 16″ and 20″. In this test, we also look at the context of the children’s motorcycle industry and options with combustion engines

Vertigo Mini Vandal 2019 Children’s Trial

With the aim of continuing to bring novelties to the world of trials, Vertigo presents the new Vertigo Mini Vandal 2018. This new model is a very important step for the brand, which adds another line to its already proven

Oset Bikes 24.0 Electric Racing Review

The British firm Oset, which has specialized to date in the development of Electrically powered children’s motorcycles, broadens its horizons this year with the inclusion in its range of a large-wheel trial model, thus making the pleasant practice of “non-stop”

Presentation of Oset Bikes 24.0R range 2017

Oset Bikes, the brand specialising in children’s trial electric motorcycles , faces 2017 as a year of important innovations. In addition to the technological improvements, a new model appears on the scene, the Oset 24.0, which represents another step in

Beta XL20 electric children’s trial

Beta maintains its commitment to electric motors in its children’s models with significant advances and offers two versions of electric propulsion in its catalog: E16 and E XL20. The Beta XL20 is new for 2017. It is the lightest model