Beta Test XL 20-inch electric minitrial

The Italian brand’s traditional Minitrial saga concentrates its commitment on 100% electric children’s models, with alternatives in both 16″ and 20″. In this test, we also look at the context of the children’s motorcycle industry and options with combustion engines

The decade we are living in is, without a doubt, one of the most significant changes to the trial sector. We are referring to the more than definitive entry of electric motors, which are here to stay.
A good testing laboratory for brands has been and continues to be the
children’s trial
. It is in this category where they have entered most forcefully with the Watts engines, even removing from the manufacture of motorcycles as iconic as the Gas Gas Boy 50.
Beta Minitrial XL 20 Electric
The intrusion in this sector of battery-powered motorcycles has been such that today we can only find automatic, combustion and new-made motorcycles among the models of the Spanish brand Vertigo. We are referring to the
Vertigo Mini Vandal 50 cc and 65 cc of 16″ and 20″
respectively. In any case, on the second-hand market, you can still find petrol motorbikes for the little ones.
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Therefore, the “existential doubt” that we continue to face when it comes to continuing or initiating children in a sport such as trial, is still present:


On this occasion, in the pages of TW we bring you one of the most interesting options for young pilots between 7 and 10 years old. We are referring to the most TOP electric motorcycle of the Italian brand BETA, which has also been manufactured entirely in the BetaTrueba factory in Spain, the MINITRIAL-E 20 XL.
It is integrated above the MINITRIAL – E 16 and E20 models, whose only difference between the two lies in the size of the rims.
Beta Minitrial XL 20 Electric
The XL model that concerns us does contemplate notable differences with respect to its sisters. Both aesthetically, with different graphics and colors, and mechanically. Not surprisingly, its lithium battery is smaller and up to 17.5 AH, so it has a longer autonomy. Its front fork is lighter and also incorporates a side stand repositioned on the swingarm, which has improved its fixation. Likewise, the adjustable suspensions, its 1350 W motor and its power controller with 8 positions are other great qualities of this small jewel of trial.
Its strengths can be summarised as follows:
– Duralumin chassis and swingarm. Weight is very important on a children’s trial bike. Both the chassis and the swingarm are made of duralumin with a hard heat treatment, achieving a robust bike of 26.4 kg, 18% less than the rest of the electric motorcycles in its category. Another very important feature is the weight distribution, the position of the centre of gravity has been optimised for a comfortable ride with maximum traction.
– Programmable digital switchboard. As a result of the experience in the evolution of electronic components in trial bikes, the Minitrial-E has a digital control unit designed and programmed by S.O.R, with 3 power curves. All of them with a soft start to eliminate the “on/off” gas feel, characteristic of electric motors. The first curve is for safe learning for the little ones, the second is ideal in the wet or to continue learning in a staggered way and the third for the most experts.
Beta Minitrial XL 20 Electric
– Adjustable suspensions. Fork with 25 mm aluminium bars, adjustable oil-soaked spring compression. Mono adjustable air cushion.
– Shimano hydraulic brakes. Perfect braking, a quality and reliable mark.
– Chain, crown and brake disc guard. For safe learning, all moving elements have been protected.
– Chain guide. A must-have for off-roading, the Minitrial-E also features a high-quality Japanese drivetrain.
Beta 2019 electric range price:
Beta Minitrial E-16 electric: 1.594€
Beta Minitrial E-20 electric: €1,945
Beta Minitrial E-20 XL electric (the protagonist of the test): 3.281€
Price of all new trial bikes


With the ignition button turned ON, the 7-year-old pilot Pablo Carralón, a student at
Trialworld School
, gives us a demonstration of what this machine can do, being very easy to ride thanks to the multiple regulations of its maps, which the father has to learn beforehand.
Beta Minitrial XL 20 Electric
The bike is perfect for his age, it has allowed Pablo to start in trial reaching a very high level in a very short time. It is a noble bike, it makes the turns without major stability problems and it is really spectacular how closed this bike is able to turn, a turning radius unthinkable for an adult bike.
Beta Minitrial XL 20 Electric
In this way, the bike performs like a fish in water in mousetrap areas. Not so in areas with little traction, where a petrol motorcycle is clearly superior, thanks to the traction provided by the combustion engine and the fact that the bike-type air suspensions, being lighter, do not give the poise or have the sensitivity of the spring when it comes to copying the terrain. Perhaps this is one of the most notable differences between the 2 concepts: Traction.
Another would be the weight, in this case in favor of the electric one, and more so in this model that thanks to its aluminum chassis is much lighter, allowing the rider to even start “fooling around” timidly with front and rear wheel changes, with a more modern “STOP” type driving. (This is unthinkable on a GG Boy, for example)
This advantage will provide the rider from a very young age with a way of riding, which the petrol rider will only be able to learn if he combines motorcycle trial with biketrial, an absolutely recommended option.
Beta Minitrial XL 20 Electric
In return, the rider coming from the petrol automatic will have a transition to the “big” 80cc bikes. much more natural. Something very important to keep in mind, since the jump to these motorcycles is clearly the most complicated for children, since the size and weight of the motorcycle is doubled without having developed physically and the gear change and use of the clutch is introduced.


Once we assume that the first hit of throttle is “ON OFF”, no matter how much the electronics try to soften it, we can say that the engine is simply spectacular. It can handle everything and has all the power the rider could need. Added to the lightness of the front end, it makes getting the wheel up a breeze, so the steps that this bike is capable of climbing are really high, as well as the long ramps of loose dirt that the terrain of the test offered us.
Beta Minitrial XL 20 Electric
We will be able to enjoy this power for hours thanks to the LITHIUM-ION battery that very aptly comes standard in this model, which with its 17.5 AH will allow us to carry out races and any of our trial courses without any problem, without worrying about charging or transporting replacement batteries.
As for the brakes, the feel of the small SHIMANO is perfect for this bike. They are mid-range brakes on a mountain bike, and for these the feel is dry and not very progressive, but this low performance on a bike becomes an ideal feature for our trial bike. In addition, the levers are adjustable in distance to the handlebars and do not require much pressure, important for the small hands of children who can already get used to using only one finger when braking.
In the section of the tires, we consider that it is one of the points in which this BETA has to improve, since pinch punctures are constant if we have little pressure, something essential in our sport and more in these mechanics with certain traction problems. The sidewalls are too soft, we think it’s much better to look for tyres that can work at less pressure even if the weight is higher.
Beta Minitrial XL 20 Electric
In short, BETA has given a twist to the “electric 20” concept by choosing its components well, with its modern lightweight aluminum chassis and very good geometry, its powerful engine, with its excellent battery and with its control unit, for our taste very successful in its settings, with no more and no less than enough options for any level of riding, without falling short or having so many that we are not able to handle them.
As a result, both a perfect bike to start with and a perfect bike to compete at the highest level against petrol bikes just by changing the standard tyres.


When I bought the bike, I thought it wasn’t the ideal bike to start trialing, I didn’t trust how an electric bike, with such a low weight and bicycle components, would be able to do trials.
Now I think the opposite, its weight of 26,400 kg., make it the perfect bike, ideal for learning.
The battery arrives to do a 4-hour course, and after the course we have 2 or 3 more hours of fun.
Highly recommended!!


Vertigo Mini Vandal 65cc. (gasoline)
Vertigo Mini Vandal, 2019 Children's Trial
Oset Bikes 20.0 R

Oset Bikes 20.0 R 2016
Oset 20.0R 2016

Text and photos: Santiago Ruiz Jarque

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