Vertigo Linko 125cc - 200cc 4T

Vertigo Linko 125cc – 200cc

Prueba VERTIGO Nitro Works 300 2023 Vertigo Motors presents the VERTIGO LINKO 125cc 2024, a completely new model with which the brand wants to open frontiers beyond trial, launching a more versatile, reliable and suitable bike on the market both

Beta EVO 300 2024 LONG RANGE


Prueba Beta EVO Factory 300 2022: “hay vida más allá de la exclusividad” Based on the new EVO MY 2024 Beta Within the Beta catalog we have available a lesser-known option, but which represents one of the most interesting alternatives

2021 Electric Motion Escape Sport Review

The Electric Motion Escape is the most logical choice to enjoy trial excursions in this day and age. Its electric mechanics help us to go unnoticed, its electronics allow us to adapt the response of the engine according to the

TRRS XTrack RR Raga Racing 2022

TRS Motorcycles maintains in its catalog the TRRS XTrack, a more versatile variant of the TRRS One, which basically provides a longer range (3.7 liters compared to 2.4 liters of the trial model) and more comfort thanks to a seat

2022 Electric Motion Escape with Traction Control

Prueba Electric Motion EPure COMP 2022: “el TKO aumenta las prestaciones y emula al motor de explosión” Electric Motion continues its deep establishment in the trial motorcycle market, establishing the electric alternative as an option perfectly comparable to an explosion

TRRS XTRACK One 2021 New

Prueba TRRS One Raga Racing 300 2021 TRS Motorcycles continues to work on expanding its product offering in all segments. A good account of this is the launch of the TRRS XTrack One 2021, which serves as the base of


Prueba TRRS One Raga Racing 300 2021 TRS Motorcycles presents the new edition of its XTrack RR, a model that starts from the same base of the One RR, but complements it with a removable seat-tank set of greater capacity

2021 TRRS X-Track Series

TRS Motorcycles presents its 2021 X-Track range, keeping the focus on trial-excursion. In this edition, the respective improvements of the base models, the One and One RR, are inherited, also offering the possibility of equipping electric start in any displacement

All accessories, backpacks and specific bags for trials

The trial rider’s equipment is light and not bulky, something that facilitates the storage and organization of each of the components. However, we are going to review the options offered by manufacturers specialized in trials, both for the trips before

TRS introduces electric start on its trial bikes

TRS Motorcycles presents an innovative electric start system for its two-stroke trial bikes , a technical solution that provides comfort and versatility for trial bike users. For TRS, it is a commitment to the future. The new starter system has