TRS introduces electric start on its trial bikes

TRS Motorcycles
presents an innovative electric start system for its two-stroke trial bikes , a technical solution that provides comfort and versatility for trial bike users.

For TRS, it is a commitment to the future. The new starter system has forced a large part of the engine to be rethought, resulting in a weight difference compared to the conventional starter model of approximately two kilos. In other words, it would remain below the 70-kilogram barrier. A great fact.
It is planned that this same solution can be equipped on the TRRS One and Raga Racing. For the time being, it will be the X-Track that will benefit from this electric start.
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For the time being, the electric start will be seen on the TRRS X-Track and TRRS X-Track Raga Racing

, two bikes with a clear focus on excursion trials

, but with the ability to become a “pure trial” bike in a few minutes.

Jordi Tarrés’ opinion:

I believe blindly in this project; Our obsession with evolving and improving the bike has led us to completely redesign the engine, new crankcases, new crankshaft, new magnetic flywheel and new cover to achieve an exceptional result.
With an oil-immersed freewheel-one-way bearing system, we have managed to have an immediate and powerful response.
We have achieved the best possible integration into the bike, to make it very compact, thanks to its optimal gear ratio and its powerful 500W MITSUBA SM18 motor together with the Lithium-Ion battery of only 400 “g”.

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