Winter trial equipment

Trial is, by definition, a speciality where sensitivity and precision are two basic pillars. All the equipment is designed to give us maximum flexibility and feel at the controls of the motorcycle, to the point that protection is in the background. In the face of winter, the cold itself is another of the great enemies for touch.

The first point we must bear in mind is that
winter trial equipment
is made up of complementary products, that is, neither the pants, the shirt, nor the boots, nor the helmet nor the protections vary. On this basis, we are going to propose interesting accessories against the cold.
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Our experience in this area tells us that it is enough to complement our kit with a thermal garment underneath the usual shirt (and the pants, depending on the temperature and taste). For example, Hebo has in its catalog this
neoprene thermal t-shirt
that fits perfectly to the body and insulates perfectly from the cold. There are also thermal underpants for the same purpose.
Excursion Trial
So far, mobility and sensitivity hardly change compared to the rest of the year, and we have an important extra layer of insulation.
thermal-hebo-neoprene t-shirt


It is in our hands that we perhaps suffer the most from the cold. If there is cold seizure, there is no sensitivity in the controls and it is almost impossible to do trials.
Our recommendation is to use neoprene
trial gloves
for routes and intersections. These gloves take away some of the feel, but they provide an extra bit of fundamental comfort, especially if we go on long journeys. Both Hebo and Clice have neoprene gloves in their catalogs.
Neoprene Trial Gloves
For sports trial lovers, our recommendation is to wear a pair of standard trial gloves in your jacket for the zones and swap them with the neoprene ones for the inter-zone sections.

Hebo neoprene gloves
. Recommended RRP: 40,29€
Clice neoprene gloves. Recommended price: 32,2€


Let’s get to the chapter
of trial jackets
. In this sport we forget about thick jackets with feathers or linings. We need to be comfortable and, if the weather improves, to be able to store the garment in a backpack. We can classify winter garments into three groups:
1) Elastic jackets. They come with an inner lining and look like another layer of the kit. If the temperatures are not below 5 degrees, we can be comfortable with the thermal undershirt. Its great advantage is comfort and elasticity. The downside is that they are not windproof or waterproof. Therefore, it is ideal for trial in areas.
Mots Step 4 > Jacket Recommended RRP 96,8€

Hebo Winter Pro
> Jacket RRP 97,83€
Trial Jackets
2) Windbreaker jackets. They have ZeroWind properties and protect from the wind, which is usually the element that most accentuates the feeling of cold. They are non-elastic garments, but thin and comfortable. In addition, they protect from rain if it is not too intense.

Clice Zone Water Thermal Jacket
. Recommended RRP: 133,2€

Mots X-Light 2 Jacket
. Recommended RRP 127,05€
Trial Jackets
Trial Jackets
3) Softshell jackets. Unlike windproof jackets, softshell has more breathability and is more elastic. It is a very fashionable material nowadays for outdoor sports.

Hebo Softshell Baggy Jacket
. RRP 126,93€
Hebo Trial Softshell Jackets


We also find a good offer of accessories for the cold on the trial bike. For example, trial socks, which can also be used all year round. Its reinforcement in the toe and heel provide greater comfort to the foot.
Clice Trial Socks
Jitsie trial socks
We also have “collars” or “buffs”, which cover the neck or face, depending on how we place it. With all this we would have a global scheme of trial equipment for winter.
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