Dani Comas wins the 2 Days of Camprodon 2024 edition

Más de 110 participantes han disfrutado de un recorrido espectacular en Noassar Park, donde se ha celebrado una nueva edición de los dos días de carrera con resultado de victoria para Dani Comas

Dani Comas has claimed the overall victory in the eighth edition of the Camprodon International Trial Two Days after winning the first day and being second on Sunday in the top class. Francesc Recio and Marcos Combarro have beaten him on the podium in that order.

Alberto Selma, Gabriel Giró and Francesc Terricabras have been the best in the rest of the levels called.

The Noassar Park in Camprodon, our trial area located in the Camprodon Valley, on the outskirts of the Font Rubí urbanization in the welcoming and mountainous town of Girona, has hosted this weekend the eighth edition of the Two Days of International Trial of Camprodon.

The TK 2024, in charge of the Moto Club Noassar Park, has maintained its format of two days of competition but unlike previous years it has finally been held under stop regulations for the greater enjoyment of the participants.

The 110 participants, as well as the fifty registered fans, who have taken part this year in the most anticipated long-distance race of this spring have completed every day an amazing and long route through some of the most iconic corners of Noassar Park.

Without going any further, on Saturday the riders visited the mountain of ‘Les Boleteres’ and one of its spectacular ravines. In fact, this torrent hosted half of the 20 areas of that day. Very ‘British’ trial: hard and demanding.

On Sunday, on the other hand, another totally different route, with 17 zones, and to be overcome in a single lap.

Much lighter and ‘classic’ for the regulars of the Catalan race.

As in 2022, there have been four levels, or colors, of increasing difficulty: Yellow, Green, Blue, and Red. Of course, the leading Vertigo pilots invited as a show have had their own classification.

Precisely, the rider of the green brand Dani Comas has won in the maximum category, the level with the red doors, after signing a final card with 44 (27+17) penalty points. Next, in second place, Francesc Recio has qualified. The Lleida native, winner of that level in 2023, has scored a total of 47 (37+10) points in the two days, while Marcos Combarro and his 125cc Sherco have completed the podium after totaling a maximum of 52 (25+27) points between Saturday and Sunday. Comas, with his first overall victory in the TK, thus joins the exclusive club formed by Joan Ricart, Amos Bilbao, Álvaro Blázquez, Jaime Busto, Yohito Takeda and Miquel Gelabert as the maximum winner of the Girona event.

In Blue, Francesc Terricabres, with 30 (21+9) points on his card, has surpassed Adrià Albejano, second with 35 (22+13) points, and Josep Vilarrasa, third with a total of 35 (15+20) points.

On the other hand, in Green, Gabriel Giró has imposed his law with a maximum of 32 (24+8) points, followed by Biel Bosch, with 48 (28+20) points, and Eusebio Gago, also with 48 (27+21) points.

As for the yellow doors, Alberto Selma has won after accumulating 53 (28+25) points; nine less than Jordi Freixanet (41+21). José Luis Monreal, with 67 (36+31) penalties, has completed the places of honor.

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