TRS Motorcycles presents the new 2023 TRRS XTRACK RR, the top-of-the-range model within the brand’s trial-excursion segment. It is a more versatile, comfortable motorcycle concept with greater autonomy capacity, but with a mechanical base and a completely trial cycle part.

TRRS One RR Raga Racing 2023

TRS Motorcycles presents the new 2023 TRRS One RR, the brand’s flagship model, and inspiration for the unit used by Adam Raga in competition. For this reason, for TRS Motorcycles it is one of the most important moments of the

TRRS One R 2023

TRS Motorcycles presents the new TRRS One R 2023, the model that represents the brand’s mid-range, with first-class performance and more affordable than the One RR. The TRRS One R was born to establish a middle ground between the standard

TRRS One GOLD 2022

TRS Motorcycles presents the TRRS One Gold 2022 range, the brand’s top-of-the-range model that bears the seal of Jordi Tarrés. As has been customary since 2018, the TRRS Gold is manufactured in a limited edition format for everyone, based on

TRRS XTrack RR Raga Racing 2022

TRS Motorcycles maintains in its catalog the TRRS XTrack, a more versatile variant of the TRRS One, which basically provides a longer range (3.7 liters compared to 2.4 liters of the trial model) and more comfort thanks to a seat

We visited the TRS Motorcycles factory with Jordi Tarrés

Visitamos el museo privado de Jordi Tarrés Taking advantage of our trip to the X-Trial in Barcelona, we agreed on two very interesting visits. The first, in the morning, was to visit the private museum of Jordi Tarrés, where he

TRRS One RR Raga Racing 2022

Prueba TRRS One R 2021 con arranque eléctrico TRS Motorcycles introduces the new 2022 TRRS One Raga Racing. A key model in the brand’s range, as it is the great bestseller and the most represented in competition. Without going any

TRRS One R 2022

Prueba TRRS One R 2021 con arranque eléctrico TRS Motorcycles continues to expand its product range, either by consolidation, such as the One R, or by relaunch, as in the case of the recent One “New”. In this case, we

TRRS One 2022

TRRS XTRACK One 2021 New TRS Motorcycles presents its second model in the 2022 range, taking up a successful concept, based on the model that shaped the brand in its beginnings: the ONE. Today, the ONE has been extended to