BETA ALP 200 2024

Beta ALP 4.0 2024

Beta has presented at the Milan Motor Show (EICMA) all the novelties of its 2024 catalogue.

In addition to the entire range of Beta EVO trials, with the Beta EVO 300 2024, the Beta EVO 80 Senior and Beta EVO Junior, we find the return of an icon of the brand such as the Beta ALP 200, the queen of the Trial Excursion In recent decades, it had ceased to be manufactured for reasons of adaptation of approvals.

Now, with the Euro4 regulations approved, the Beta ALP 200 returns to the catalogue with the same arguments that have led it to be one of the most demanded trial excursion bikes: versatility, reliability and accessibility.

Beta ALP 200 2024
The Beta ALP 200 is available in red or white


As you can see, the Beta ALP 200 represents a hybrid concept between trial and enduro, with a friendlier aesthetic and less racing, seeking to seduce a wider audience that is capable of giving up more sporty performance to gain in versatility.

Thus, the Beta ALP 200 comes with a lower height than any enduro bike (830mm from seat to ground), trial tires and an engine equipped with electric start.

Its engine is precisely the most has had to evolve for 2024 due to homologation requirements. The philosophy of the carbureted, air-cooled, 200cc 4-stroke engine block is maintained. An engine of very high reliability, very progressive, with great bass and easy to squeeze for all levels.

The exhaust is completely new on the 2024 ALP 200, more streamlined and adapted to environmental requirements. Its aesthetics are more modern, with a sharper bodywork, a spectacular tubular chassis in red and a more updated front optics.

The 2024 Beta ALP 200 is available in two body colors, white and red, both on a red chassis.

At a price yet to be confirmed, the 2024 Beta ALP 200 can be purchased from the Trialworld Store, official Beta dealer. Find out about the financing conditions and availability.

Key Facts Beta ALP 200 2024

Beta ALP 4.0 2024
Beta ALP 200 2024 in red
  • Displacements: 200cc
  • Engine: 4-stroke single-cylinder
  • Power: Mikuni BST 31mm carburetor
  • Gearbox: 5-speed
  • Weight: 108 kg curb
  • Price: ND€
  • Front Tire: DUNLOP 803GP
  • Rear Tire: DUNLOP 803GP
  • Brakes: Four-piston hydraulics, with 245mm and 220mm discs
  • Front suspension: 37mm conventional fork
  • Rear Suspension: Hydraulic monoshock absorber
  • Chassis: Steel
  • Start: Kick-Off / Electric
  • Fuel capacity: 6 litres
  • Spark Plug: NGK DR8EA

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