TRRS One R 2020

TRS Motorcycles launches
the new 2020 TRRS One R, a new model that represents a middle ground between the standard One and the One RR (Raga Racing). A formula that, basically, aims to facilitate economic access to a model with a high level of technical training.


Basically, three big things change:
1.- It is equipped with the engine of the RR (Engine Revolution), while the standard One maintains the engine of the RR 2017. Improvements to the clutch, timing and gearbox are collected here.
2.- Keihin carburetor instead of the standard Dell’Orto of the One. It provides more forcefulness in the response.
3.- Reiger one-way shock absorber . Unlike the standard One (which mounts an R16V), the One R is close to the RR and the Gold providing the Reiger stamp, being in this case one way, instead of two as in the Raga Racing.
4.- Tech fork made of aluminum, instead of the “golden” one with steel bars of the RR.
TRRS One R 2020
TRRS One R 2020
Otherwise, we find other interesting details based on the RR, such as the Neken handlebars (with slight differences) and the monobloc Brakec brake caliper on the front axle.
The tyres in this case are entrusted to Dunlop, equipping the D803GP, which is a great choice.
Aesthetically we find new graphics, plastic chassis protectors and a new chain tensioner.
As for the price, it will be around €6,700 and its production begins this June, being manufactured with 125, 250, 280 and 300cc engines.
TRRS One R 2020
TRRS One R 2020


Basically, we have four levels in “100% trial” models:

TRRS One 2019
. 5.890€
TRRS One R 2020 (model in question). 6.799€

TRRS One RR 2019 (Raga Racing),
which will be renewed in December. 7.499€

, limited to 150 units and just launched in April. Price €8,499
Additionally, we have the X-Track range, which is based on a One Trial model, but with basic modifications to increase autonomy and comfort. Here we have two options:

TRRS X-Track
, which is part of the standard One model.

TRRS X-Track RR,
which is based on the One Raga Racing model.
Both models will receive the possibility of incorporating electric start after the summer.

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