Trial Promises. Daniel Resch

promesas_dani_reschMy love for trial started in Austria, where I had my first contact with a motorcycle since my cousins had Shercos and went on excursions on the ski slopes.

I started practicing this sport only three years ago, that is, when I was 13 years old, in Mallorca, where we bought my first motorcycle and I started competing in the Balearic Islands a few months after having ridden for the first time.

A year later, I started at the National. I’ve had to train a lot to catch up with the level, as I’m competing against kids who have been on two wheels since they were little.

Trial helps me to disconnect from worries such as school and I enjoy very much every time I get on the GasGas, for this reason I live this sport with a lot of passion and I dedicate many hours to both training and repairing the bike, watching videos…

I think it’s a very nice sport, which helps you get to know new places and allows you to live with nature.

It requires a lot of sacrifice but in the end, the hours on the bike are worth it.







Date of birth: October 18, 1994.

Place: Madrid

First bike: GasGas 80 cc.

Hobbies: I have many hobbies, but Surfing, Snowboarding, Football and Biketrial stand out.

Most admired rider: Adam Raga, for his style and elegance on the bike.

Favorite video game: Fifa 11.

Bike you use: GasGas 125 cc.

What you like most about trial: Being in contact with nature and getting to know new places.

What you like the least: The many difficulties we suffer to practice it and feel like a criminal when I train. 

A dream: To be happy and enjoy on the bike, and of course to race the Trial World Championship.


TRIALWORLD: Tell us about your plans for 2011.

DANIEL RESCH: In 2011 I plan to run both the Spanish Championship and the Balearic Trial Championship, in the junior and elite (maximum) categories, respectively. I will also try to participate again in some long-term trials such as Ibiza or Arinsal. Out of competition and during the summer we will travel to Austria to train there for a few weeks. 
TW:  How do you organize yourself to reconcile training and studies? 

DR: Being at a good level in school and at the same time training almost every day of the week is a complicated thing, but it can be achieved with a little organization.  In my case, the school allows me to leave early several days a week, so everything is much easier. What is affected are the hours of going out with friends, as they end up being in the background and there is no time for everything.

TW: Tell us what your training is like during a normal week of class and what it’s like in another week when there’s a race on the weekend.

DR: During the week I usually train on Mondays and Thursdays with my coach and the rest with my father or even just if necessary. Before the races I usually leave  a day or two of rest and preparation of the bike.  
TW: Is it necessary to complement motorcycle training with physical preparation or is it not so important at your age?

DR: I think that at our age it starts to be important to have physical preparation at the level of endurance or endurance (running, cycling…) and maybe a little at the level of growing muscle, but I don’t see this last point as necessary.

TW: Where do you think is the key and the difference between a young guy who starts doing trials to have fun and another who wants to be a professional?

DR: A boy who has a professional career as his goal must begin to take care of various aspects such as food, training programs, and above all be clear that after studies comes the motorcycle, leaving other things in the background, such as parties and friends. A kid who does trials for fun isn’t forced to sacrifice so much time or effort. But enjoyment is important in both cases.

TW: What do you like most about racing?

DR: What I like most about racing is meeting people I know and the feeling of winning a race or making a zero.

TW: Anything that doesn’t convince you?

DR: The tensions that sometimes exist with the judges or other participants, for example at the entrances of zones.

TW: Would you like to dedicate yourself professionally to Trial or do you think it is a good springboard to do other off-road specialties? See Mario Rom
A lot of people are going to

DR: I would like to dedicate myself professionally to trial, although I know it is very difficult. Despite this, I would like to try several other modalities such as enduro.
TW: What do you think of the rulebook? Do you think it favors the arrival of young promises?

DR: I think that the new open-free regulations, after the changes made for this 2011, will favor the young promises, who have the option of trying more complicated steps to level up and compare results in the general classification.
TW: Do you do a lot of media to stand out in Trial or does it count more about the skill of the rider and his perseverance in training?

DR: I believe that it is mainly perseverance that makes us achieve results, as well as experience. But as in any other sport, the means are inevitably necessary once a certain level has been reached (transport, motorbikes…)

TW: Finally, tell us where you would like to go in the world of Trial and in what timeframe you would like to achieve it.

DR: In the world of trials I would like to run the world championship in the highest category, but also continue to obtain good results in the national and regional championships. I don’t set a deadline, that it arrives when it has to arrive.


2008: Start in the world of trial. 4th Classified Balearic Trial Championship in the Open 125 category.

2009: Balearic Trial Champion in the Expert category. 8th Classified Spanish Trial Championship in the Cadet category. (In the absence of a test.) 9th Place in the General “Blue” category in “Dos dies de Trial Eivissa”. 4th Classified Balearic Indoor Trial Championship in the “Promo” category.

2010: 3rd Place in the Spanish Cadet Championship. 3rd Place in the Balearic Islands Championship in the Master category. 2nd place on the first day in the ‘blue’ category in Dos Dies de Trial D’ Eivissa. 7th place on the second day in the ‘reds’ category at Dos Dies de Trial D’Eivissa. 3rd classified in the general category ‘cadet reds’ in Dos Dies de Trial D’Arinsal.

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