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Electric Motion Escape 2022 traction...
Electric Motion Escape 2022 traction control
Electric Motion Escape 2022 traction control
Electric Motion Escape 2022 traction control
Electric Motion Escape 2022 traction control
Electric Motion Escape 2022 traction control
Electric Motion Escape 2022 traction control
Electric Motion Escape 2022 traction control
Electric Motion Escape 2022 traction control

Electric Motion Escape 2022 traction control

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The Escape range is Electric Motion's trial excursion variant. It has a larger battery capacity and the riding position has been adapted compared to the EPure for greater comfort and versatility. The great novelty of the 2022 range is the arrival of the disconnectable traction control, which gives it an efficiency and safety unprecedented in the segment. 

It has three power maps and is approved for registration, which also allows urban use. 



> Trialworld Store is an official authorized distributor of Electric Motion < 

Battery and engine > Lithium battery 2.7 kWh

Approval > Registration and Approved for urban use Carnet B with two years A1 license (125cc)

Electric Motion Escape 2022 highlights

The electric motor of the EM has a very immediate and explosive response. Everything can be controlled by a button next to the throttle that acts as a power map selector

Starting with the green map, the bike has a smoother response, equivalent to a 125 or 200cc explosion, passing through the blue map, with equivalence between 250 and 280cc, and ending with the red map, which provides the sensations of a similar 300cc engine.

The battery of an Electric Motion Escape is highly evolved. With a longevity that exceeds 2,000 charge cycles with a remainder of 80% at this point, it guarantees a wide autonomy and of course reliability.

A full charge is equivalent to a tank, or a tank and a quarter of a motorcycle. In kilometers it is about 65 kilometers of travel and about three hours of wheel in motion. If we do a "zone" trial, consumption is even lower. Depending on the use, the EPure model offers more than two hours of wheel in motion, which can be perfectly translated into a full morning of training.

Full recharge takes 2.5 hours, but it is capable of reaching 80% of the charge in just half that time.

The EM Escape is equipped as standard with the Tech fork with steel bars, combined with an R16V rear shock.

The weight of the bike is 80 kilograms.

Traction control on the Electric Motion Escape 2022

First of all, it is worth noting that this traction control is also offered on the Electric Motion EPure 2022 (standard model). This technical solution has been in development for two years and is primarily intended to assist entry to mid-level riders, as well as contributing very positively for advanced levels when riding in areas of low traction. 

The system works with any of the three power maps (green, blue and red). If we press the gray button, located at the top of the map display, this display starts to flash. This indicates that the traction control is activated. 

Dynamically the effect is the same as on any other bike with this system: the engine cuts traction when it detects loss of grip. For example, a mid-level rider, in a river area, could ride in red map with inaccuracies in the throttle stroke, that when this slip is detected, the electronics will cut and prevent the bike from going out of control. 

Being a system that is easily activated and deactivated, on the fly, the rider decides how and when it is interesting to activate the electronic aid. 

Undoubtedly, it is a step forward so that riders of lower level can face more complicated steps with an extra help in terms of efficiency and safety. It should be said that this is a system already included in the standard Escape and the standard EPure, strictly as standard. It is not an extra. 

The EM EPure is homologated like any other vehicle. It can be ridden in urban areas with the registered motorcycle. One of its virtues is that the homologation is equivalent to a 125cc motorcycle, which allows it to be used with the B car license and two years of experience, or the A1 motorcycle license.

Electric Motion Escape advantages

Compared to the Escape LITE, the Escape version provides more torque (600NM). It has the performance of an EPure Sport, with its electronic clutch, but with more autonomy due to its 2.7 kWh battery.  

As an electric motorcycle, it brings the advantage of being able to ride in silence, enjoying a precision incomparable with an explosion motorcycle. The performance is similar for the level of 90% of enthusiasts, with the additional advantage of being able to configure the engine performance to the rider's taste or the circumstances of the terrain.

Riding an electric trial bike is a unique experience. There is no maintenance, no performance modifications depending on weather or wear. Just push the button and enjoy.

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Modalidad de uso
Trial - Excursión
Batería de litio 2.7 kWh
Tech con barras acero
Ollé R16V

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Electric Motion Escape 2022. La primera moto de trial y excursión con control de tracción.
Electric Motion presenta importantes cambios en la gama Escape 2022, donde encontramos mejoras en el ámbito de prestaciones y ergonomía, con la novedad inédita de un sistema de control de tracción electrónico desconectable
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