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The protections for the trial rider are no longer an option. Years ago it was not very common to do trial well protected, but nowadays even the FIM requires the use of back protectors for trial. This is good news, as the brands have made a great effort in R+D+i to design protections that fulfill their function and are also comfortable for the rider.

Plastic protections are a thing of the past. The trial rider is protected with flexible and absorbent materials, placed on very breathable and well-fitting vests to prevent the protections from moving on the body.


The trial back protector is the star product, which is also complemented by a second front chest protector. Both are removable in all brands, such as Hebo, Clice, Comas, Mots or Jitsie.

In Trialworld Store's trial protection catalog you will also find complete protections, such as the Hebo Jacket Defender, which additionally equips protection on shoulders and elbows.

The same line is followed by the knee guards for trial riders. Using the same material as the back protector, they are designed with breathable materials and silicone adjustments at the ends to ensure good support.

The last great novelty is the trial protectors for children. Following the idea of adult garments, but adjusting them to the pattern of children, we find for example the Hebo Defender PAD Junior protections, which we have tested in depth in Trialworld in this report.

Whatever your case, don't wait until you get injured to decide to protect yourself. If you have any doubts, the Trialworld Store team is at your disposal.

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