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The maintenance of the motorcycle of trialis a vital point to guarantee its performance and durability. The lubricants and oils used by trialmotorcycles are specific and are designed to get the maximum performance from the mechanics and other elements.

The motor oil used by trialmotorcycles is of the 75w type. The quantity varies by make and model, but they coincide in the type of oil. For example, Repsol or Nils, which you can find at Trialworld Store, are two of the best lubricants on the market.

For the maintenance of the trial motorcycle it is essential to use a good offroad chain oil. The chain must not only be greased, but also degreased with this chain degreaser and kept in perfect condition, in addition to monitoring its tension.

It is also important to grease the critical parts of the bike at trialwith a multi-purpose oil, such as the suspension rods, bearings, brake and gear levers, as well as any moving parts. We do not forget other lubricants, such as oil to grease the air filter.

For maintenance, it is also advisable to have mineral oil for clutch pumps from trial or dot4 brake fluid to bleed the braking circuit, or top up if necessary.

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