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The trial helmet is one of the most important items in the trial rider's equipment. We usually make a lot of mistakes when it comes to using trial helmets, and since we don't usually receive big impacts, we tend to use them for more years than recommended, and trial helmets also expire, lose their properties and their efficiency decreases. Homologations are also becoming more and more demanding and this favors evolution in terms of rider safety.

Why are trial helmets open-face?

In trial, as there is no speed and you are working in very technical areas, the rider needs to have a great vision and the ability to catch his breath. That is why trial helmets do not have a "mouthpiece", as it is difficult to have a frontal impact due to speed. The falls are more likely to be from the back or from the side after not climbing an obstacle. Another reason is that maximum lightness is sought, and a trial helmet can weigh up to 30% less than an enduro or motocross helmet. 

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The good thing about a trial helmet outlet is that normally only the designs vary from year to year, so you can have a cheaper trial helmet with the same features. 

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The trial helmet is one of the key points of the trial rider's equipment. Although aesthetically it is very similar to the helmet for urban use, the reality is that they are very different from each other.

It is important to choose a lightweight trial helmet, since in trial there are many movements and impacts, so our neck will appreciate less pressure. Another feature is visibility, so the shapes of the helmet's shells are designed to provide a wide range of vision, with high and lateral visors that do not invade the face too much. 

The best trial helmets are from top brands such as Hebo, Airoh and Mots. Within each brand there are also levels of quality according to the materials, with carbon fiber being the lightest and most resistant material. Behind it, the most popular material is fiberglass, with shims structurally identical to the carbon model. The most basic material is ABS - Polycarbonate. 


The lightest trial helmets weigh 850 grams and are carbon fiber trial helmets. 

Fiberglass trial helmets weigh 950 grams and polycarbonate trial helmets weigh approximately 1,050 grams. 

The weight of the trial helmet can always vary depending on the size, since the reference weight is usually obtained with size M. 


Carbon fiber trial helmets are the jewel in the crown. With a weight of just 900 grams, they are the trial helmets most desired by fans. Structurally, they are not very different from the fiberglass models, but with the added bonus of racing aesthetics and lightness. 

The best carbon trial helmets are those manufactured by Hebo, Mots and Jitsie. 


More and more fans are demanding a lightweight helmet without sacrificing versatility. For this reason, both Mots and Hebo manufacture polycarbonate helmets with a retractable screen, which is very convenient for adverse weather conditions, dust or even the sun. 

In the case of the Hebo Zone5 helmet, it also has the Lights for Life LED lighting system, with the possibility of position and brake light. If you are looking for a Hebo Zone5 helmet on sale, you can find designs from other seasons in our trial outlet. Same features, better price. 

The best helmets for trial excursion are the Mots JUMP and the Hebo Zone5. 

It is also possible to fit goggles on a fiberglass helmet, but in this case they will be enduro-type goggles. 


There are no specific helmets for children. The reference is always the size given by measuring the contour of the head at the height of the forehead, so that from 52 centimeters we can find trial helmets for children from the adult collection. 

An interesting point is that these children's helmets can grow in size by simply modifying the inside of the helmet. For example, a helmet size XS could become, at most, a M. This is an example that applies to brands such as Mots and Hebo. 


Trial is not a discipline where too many brands coexist, but we can highlight the most evolved and preferred by trial bike fans.

The most important trial helmet brands are Hebo, Jitsie, Mots, Arai, Shiro, Airoh, Comas Trial, Shoei.


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