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Trial boots are one of the most important items in the trial rider's equipment. A common mistake is to think that enduro or speed boots are good just because they are soft or you feel comfortable with them. The reality is that only trial boots are suitable for trial riding, as you need more flexibility and feel than in other disciplines, as well as the soles have a very different configuration and thickness.


If you are looking for trial boots on sale you can access Trialworld Store and evaluate the options available. It is important to know that you can find top quality boots on sale simply because the brand updates the colors of its collection. This will allow you to buy trial boots at a good price. 

Be wary of places that offer very cheap trial boots, as the materials will probably have a lower durability and you may have difficulty finding spare parts in case you need them. 

In the trial boots section of Trialworld Store you will find:

- Offers on Gaerne Trial boots 

- Offers on Hebo Trial boots 

- Offers on Alpinestars Tech - T Trial boots 

- Offers on SIDI Trial boots

- Offers on Mots de Trial boots 


What are the best trial boots? The answer is easy: the ones you feel most comfortable with. What you should demand are some minimum requirements. Our advice is that they should be leather or microfiber boots, not plastic, so that you have good flexibility, comfort and tightness.

At Trialworld Store we work with the best trial boot brands: Alpinestars, Gaerne, Hebo and Mots. There are brands, such as Gaerne and Hebo, that offer different ranges of boots in their catalog. Normally the price difference, more than in the pattern, is in the materials. Leather increases the price of the boot, which does not detract at all from microfiber. In the case of trial boots for children, the only alternative is the Hebo Technical Junior, which by the way are fantastic.


Regarding wear, don't worry. All brands offer spare trial boot soles, so you can replace them if the wear is only in this area.

We also recommend you to consider a cleaning kit for trial boots. Proper maintenance will extend the life of the product.


There are specific trial boots for children. Both Hebo and Forma have in their catalog children's trial boots from size 31 to 38. In these cases, the boots are inspired by the technology of the adult models, but with structural nuances to make them lighter. The weight is approximately 800 - 900 grams for each boot. 


Trial boots offers in Italy. If you live in Italy and you want a trial boots on sale, you can receive it comfortably at home in less than 72 hours through Trialworld Store


Trial boots offers in France. If you live in France and you want a trial boots on sale, you can receive it comfortably at home in less than 72 hours through Trialworld Store


Trial boots offers in Germany. If you live in Germany and you want a trial boots on sale, you can receive it comfortably at home in less than 72 hours through Trialworld Store

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