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Trial is a discipline that requires great mobility of the rider and, as with the rest of the equipment, elasticity, thinness and ability to protect without taking up much space are valued.

Trial jackets come in various types. Normally they are windbreaker type jackets, as in trial we do not reach high speeds and we are looking for above all that it does not get warm to the rest of the clothes. And within these Zero Wind jackets, we also have options for jackets with detachable sleeves and pockets.

There are also shofshell trial jackets, whose difference is that they have lining and are warmer, but in exchange they lose waterproofing. In other words, they are ideal for cold but not rainy days. 


In Trialworld Store you have an outlet section with cheap trial jackets. The brands change their designs every year, but the product itself does not usually vary, so it is an excellent opportunity to find offers on trial jackets from Hebo, Clice or any other brand. 

In seasonal clothing you also have interesting discounts. You can consult us. 


For rainy days it is important to carry a trial rain jacket, or offroad type. The difference is that they are more robust than a standard rain jacket, especially in case of possible snags with branches or falls. 


Trial vests are becoming more and more popular, as they cover the torso and back, but do not impede the freedom of movement of the arms. 

These vests are perfect for use in a more sportive, zone-type trial. The other great advantage is that they can be transported in very little space. 


The garments we have mentioned above are a perfect base to have your trial clothing for winter. Remember that you can complement it with neoprene gloves, which will help you fight the cold. 

At Trialworld Store you can find the best offer in trial jackets and trial clothing, with brands such as Hebo, Mots or Jitsie. 

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