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Trial equipment for children. At Trialworld Store you have the largest selection of trial clothing for children from leading brands such as Hebo, Clice or Mots.

As for children's trial helmets, safety and lightness are important, as well as a wide range of vision. Children's trial boots are also essential, as they guarantee the best balance between feel and protection, as they protect the foot, ankle and shin.


At Trialworld Store you will also find children's trial equipment for all age ranges. The latest novelty are the children's trial protections, in particular there are protective vests and jackets that cover back, chest, shoulders and elbows.


It is absolutely essential, for safety reasons, that the child has a good trial boot to protect him/her from bumps with the footpeg, an involuntary support or any other circumstance that may cause a bad movement of the foot.

Trial boots, unlike enduro boots, are more flexible and adjustable. This helps to improve mobility on the controls and also provides more sensitivity when riding and using the controls. 

The Hebo Technical Junior children's boots or the Forma Rock Junior stand out. 

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