What’s New Beta Rev3 270 2006

Beta Rev3 270 2006
Throughout these years, great pilots such as Lampkin, Cabestany or Bou, the Beta Rev3 has evolved with the experience acquired in competition, definitively achieving a highly competitive, reliable, and above all exclusive bike. Among the few technical evolutions of two-stroke trials, Beta is perhaps the brand that has worked the most on thermodynamics. However, these changes are not seen, they are felt.

The most important are the new cylinder distribution, and different ignition parameters that optimize combustion at low revs, while improving the overall progressivity of the engine.

Outside the engine block, we can see that the Italian technicians have finally decided to incorporate a short throttle grip – similar to that of their rivals – in order to make the reactions of their mechanics faster.

Focusing on the chassis part, the new Beta has different footpeg supports that lower the center of gravity, and compensates by slightly lengthening the travel of its Paioli monoshock. There are also less significant changes to its frame, which now receives new steering heights to improve handling in tight turns, and reinforcements in the areas most exposed to wear.

Finally, Beta has opted for a more elegant aesthetic, returning to the black that we saw in its first edition , accentuating more the angles of its rear fender, and debuting a new optic.



* Stator modifications for better combustion and spark in the bass.

* New internal cylinder layout.

* New Quick Gas Knob

* Modifications to optimize carburetion.

* New ignition set-up for improved bass response.

Cycle part

* New steering geometry.

* New fork bridge and seatposts.

* New fork settings.

* New monoshock settings with new hydraulic and position calibration.

* Lower footpeg height for greater stability.

* New design of headlight, fenders, front disc cover and crown guard

* New decoration with a mix of matte black and fluorescent red.

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