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Gas Gas is the only brand that in 2006 offered two models above the quarter litre, a unique option to be able to choose an engine response that is even more personalised for pilots. The Gas Gas TXT PRO 2006 comes with an extensive list of new features that seek to improve on its predecessor in all areas, so let’s go over them.

In the thermodynamic section, the great concern of the technicians has been to adapt it to the new homologation regulations, for which some changes have been introduced in the exhaust assembly, and also in the cooling system by placing a new pump with a different profile.
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At the ignition level, changes have also been introduced, and the new Kokusan has a device placed next to the throttle grip, which allows you to choose on the fly between two maps pre-installed from the factory. However, Gas Gas also equips some units with the Ducati ignition, which does not have a button and only stores a map, but in exchange allows us to design new graphics that we can store with the help of a diagnostic unit.
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As the culmination of a very complete mechanics, we find new friction clutch discs made of another material, with which a better feel and greater progressivity is achieved. Mechanically, the Pro 280 and 300 start from a practically identical engine block, from which they differ only in the dimensions of the cylinder and piston, as well as the cylinder head and carburetion parameters.
The main advantage of this “three hundred” is that its piston is as light as that of a 280, thus allowing a faster rev climb. But without a doubt, where the Girona brand has worked the most is to improve the chassis part, which already underwent important changes last year with the incorporation of a Marzocchi fork with 40mm bars -38mm the previous one-.
This time, and for the first time in history, these bars have been made of aluminium, achieving a weight reduction of close to one kilogram of weight only in the front axle. To complete this preparation, as could be expected after two years collaborating with Öhlins to equip the TXT Pro “Raga Edition”, the Swedish firm has committed to the Spanish firm to equip its shock absorbers throughout this year’s “Pro” range.
Finally, in the list of novelties we find others of lesser relevance, such as the new starter lever made of aluminium, the new digital instrumentation with tachometer, or the new reinforced footpeg anchors.


Before getting on the bike to check its dynamic behavior, we have to analyze a number of other parameters. First of all, its displacement. The wide range of engines offered by Gas Gas allows everyone to choose the mount that best suits their driving style, weight and purpose of use. It was in the year 2000 when the first 280 thruster saw the light of day.
Its great advantage was to offer a middle ground between the “two and a half” bland of the time, and the heavy propellers with more than three hundred cubic centimeters. Since then, the 280 engines have become a benchmark. They perfectly combine the speed of the former with the forcefulness of the powerful “three hundred”.
Once the premises are clear, we get our hands on the handlebars of our protagonist. At first glance little changes, only the stickers and a new, darker shade on the fork bars differentiate it from its predecessor. However, once you’re up and running, everything is different. The arrival last year of the handlebars without a bar, already greatly improved the behavior of the bike, becoming more comfortable and stable.
In this edition, we also find a softer feel of its controls, especially in the clutch. Recall that it mounts a hydraulic oil clutch. This system differs from the traditional one in that the pump runs on mineral oil instead of brake fluid. This is a preventive measure, which prevents the degradation of the gaskets in the hypothetical case, that due to a problem, they mix in brake fluid and engine oil.
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As for the behavior of the engine, the Girona bike has always been characterized by its forcefulness. The response to the gas hit is very fast, but in return it needs more expert hands to get all its juice out of it. One of the great assets of this mechanic compared to valves continues to be its fantastic linearity and final stretch, which complemented by a very direct clutch, allows you to overcome almost any obstacle you can imagine.
In addition, this year its possibilities have grown by mounting a switch on the handlebar, which allows you to select on the fly, between the two possible maps of your Kokusan ignition. The first of these, illustrated with a sun, offers a more aggressive power delivery, designed to make the most of its performance. The second, programmed as rain, seeks greater smoothness to achieve a more effective ride on slippery surfaces.
We tested both configurations on different terrains, as well as subjecting them to the “truth machine”, our Dynojet dyno. The verdict is that both are very similar, so much so that the data and power hardly vary, and even the torque figures are equal. Surely, the vast majority do not appreciate the differences, but nevertheless, it is a great idea for future evolutions and to give a touch of exclusivity to the bike.
But where the exclusivity really is, is in the cycle part. The new weight distribution has resulted in greater overall agility, accentuated by the lightness of its fork. Beforehand, we thought that a reduction of one kilo in the front axle could have a negative impact on its poise. However, the Girona coaches have got the set-up right, where smoothness and progressiveness prevail. In addition, the Pro is now easier to drive with the front wheel in the air, providing greater fun and efficiency.
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As far as the rear end is concerned, the new Öhlins has gained stability overall, although its setting is still somewhat harsh for our taste, perhaps due to the lack of running. In short, the Pro 280 is a very complete motorcycle, capable of offering the user the sensations of a replica competition motorcycle. Its great drawback: it is not exempt from paying the corresponding registration tax.


Gas Gas TXT Pro 2006 Air Filter

Rear fender Gas Gas TXT Pro 2006

* Gas
Gas TXT Pro 2006 Water Pump

Gas Gas Fan TXT Pro 2006

Thermocontact Gas Gas Fan TXT Pro 2006

* Gas
Gas Fan Regulator TXT Pro

* Gas
Gas TXT Pro 2006 clutch disc kit

* Gas
Gas Clutch Pump TXT Pro 2006

Gas Handlebar TXT Pro 2006

Gas Gas TXT Pro 2006 brake lever

Gas Gas TXT Pro 2006 Shift Lever

Gas Gas TXT Pro 2006 Front Brake Pads

* Gas
Gas TXT Pro 2006 rear brake pads

Gas Gas TXT Pro 2006 front brake disc

Gas Gas TXT Pro 2006 front brake caliper

Gas Gas TXT Pro 2006 Starter Lever

NGK BPR5ES Gas Gas Trial Spark Plug

Carbon Exhaust Protector Gas Gas TXT Pro

Gas Gas TXT Pro 2006 Chassis Protector

Clutch cover protector Gas Gas TXT Pro

Sprocket Transmission Kit Gas Gas TXT Pro

Crown Transmission Kit Gas Gas TXT Pro


* Ignition system with dual map selected from the handlebars.
* New, more compact exhaust system.
* Cooling system improvements.
* European EU2 approval.
Cycle part
* New front suspension with aluminum bars.
* Revised chassis and better weight distribution.
* Öhlins monoshock.
* New aluminum starter lever.
* Reinforced footpegs.
* New digital odometer, with tachometer.
* New decoration.

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