Vertigo Combat Titanium R 2019 Limited Edition

Vertigo’s 2019 catalogue is completed with a new version of the exclusive Combat Titanium R, a model that represents the brand’s top of the range. It is the only model on the market with a titanium chassis weighing only 2.1kg, an aspect that is joined by WIFICOM technology to manage the behavior of the electronics via APP and an extensive list of technical innovations.

Vertigo Titanium R 2019
The most exclusive motorcycle on the trial market returns in 2019 with a limited series of 40 units. The Combat Titanium once again features its revolutionary titanium chassis, the lightest and most manoeuvrable ever made, complemented by premium components that make this model the most technologically and technically advanced motorcycle in the industry. Its identification plate with the serial number gives even more uniqueness to each model, so that each user who gets one of them will have a truly unique motorcycle.


Particularly noteworthy among its novelties is the incorporation of the WIFICOM system as standard, with which any mobile device can be connected to the GET control unit to regulate the different parameters of the engine in the event of any eventuality or change in ground conditions. In this sense, the Titanium becomes not only the only motorcycle to have this option, but also the only one to feature it as standard.
Vertigo Titanium R 2019
In 2019, the Vertigo Combat Titanium maintains its throne as the lightest and most manageable bike on the market thanks to its unique Titanium chassis.
Only 2.1kg for a total of 65kg in the whole motorcycle. This same material is what makes up the screws, including the footpeg supports and a new exhaust manifold specifically for the Titanium.
In the damping section, it incorporates new geometry in the suspension platens, with an aluminum fork adjustable in compression, rebound, preload and compression stop. For 2019, the three-way Reiger rear shock arrives optimized for increased performance.
Vertigo Titanium R 2019
The cooling system acts directly on the cylinder and with improved injection maps and a wet/dry switch, the Vertigo Titanium R is always ready to tackle any obstacle with guarantees. Another novelty is the incorporation of a CNC machined monobloc brake caliper specifically designed for trial competitions.
In terms of aesthetics, the rims are the ones that present the most important novelty. These incorporate an unprecedented anodized bronze color that adds an extra point of elegance to the ensemble and differentiates the 2019 model from its predecessors. These, combined with the anodized red details, once again make the Titanium a visually and aesthetically very attractive motorcycle.
Vertigo Titanium R 2019
Among these components, a new hub design stands out, the first time that one of these features has been incorporated into any of the Vertigo models. The 2019 Titanium’s crankcase cover is also part of the line-up, featuring the same anodized bronze color as the wheels.
The Vertigo Combat Titanium returns in 2019 to offer better and more memorable experiences to its users, not only in terms of riding, but also in terms of exclusivity.

New Vertigo Combat Titanium R 2019

> Reiger 3-way shock absorber with optimised adjustment
> Titanium Fasteners
> New CNC machined monobloc brake caliper
> Renthal Fatbar Handlebar
> Man Overboard Device
> WIFICOM System
> Aluminium suspension fork adjustable in compression, rebound, preload and compression stop Limited edition aluminium footpegs
> New suspension platen geometry
> Titanium footpeg support
> New titanium exhaust design
> 3K carbon fiber subframe protector
> Red and bronze anodized details
> Bronze-colored anodized wheels
> Lowered rear rim
> Red machined and anodized bushings
> Metal plate limited numbered series (40 units)
> GR5 Titanium Tubular Frame with a Weight of 2.1KG
> Direct-to-cylinder cooling
> New decoration in green tones
> Optimized Injection Maps
> Dual map switch for dry and wet conditions.
> White aluminium swingarm
> FIM rear brake disc
> Dunlop D803GP Tyres
> Weight 65Kg
Accessories, spare parts and protections for Vertigo Trial

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