TRS One by Jordi Tarrés

TRS Motorcycles arrives and makes a big impact with the new TRS ONE.
The new brand of trial motorcycles that announced its creation at the end of 2013 is now ready to present its TRS ONE model in three displacements, 300, 280 and 250 cc.
During the two years of development prior to the presentation,
TRS’s engineers and technical team
have had the support of expert and professional pilots who have contributed to its evolution, guaranteeing the best quality and reliability.
TRS Motorcycles is preparing the industrial facilities that the brand owns in Sant Fruitós del Bages (Barcelona), where the R+D department is located and from where it will soon be supplied to the domestic market and the rest of the world (North and South America, Europe in its entirety, Japan and Australia).
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TRS arrives at a turbulent time for the world of trials in general and some of its factories in particular, with the aim of becoming both the industrial and sporting benchmark in the sector in the short term.


JORDI TARRES:TRS was born thanks to our passion for Trial and the experience accumulated over more than 30 years. Faced with a project of this size, we could only work meticulously from its conception, design and manufacture, using the most advanced techniques to achieve this result.
Our goal is to achieve a very compact and light bike without losing reliability and the robustness necessary to be able to face all kinds of obstacles. On the one hand, it has been taken into account that the geometry and suspensions offer you an unusual “feeling”; One of its most attractive points is the ease of adaptation of the rider regardless of his level of riding.
Its 65 kg weight offers you a real feeling of lightness without ever losing the stability and poise necessary to face your goals. Its powerful engine has been designed and conceived especially for the practice of trials, taking into account each and every one of its parts to ensure its maximum performance.
Inside, it hides a multitude of technical improvements that make it unique in this sector. Throughout the evolution and testing phase, we have subjected the TRS to 100% to ensure that its arrival on the market is a totally positive experience. The TRS ONE has broken new ground in terms of technology and style, proving to be outstanding performance, outstanding styling and exceptional handling.


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Engine: 2T Single-cylinder
Displacement: 294.1cc – 272.2 cc – 247.7 cc.
Cooling: Liquid
Bore and stroke: 79×60 mm (300 cc) – 76×60 mm (280 cc) – 72.5×60 mm (250 cc).
Ignition: New CDI HIDRIA (Dual Spark)
Clutch: TRS diaphragm hydraulic system 3 discs/ 3 disks diaphragm TRS hydraulic system.
Gearbox: 5-speed
Engine oil capacity: GRO W75 350cc.
Transmission: By Cadena/ Chain.
Fuel: 2.3L Gasoline 98 with 2T 1.5% oil
Carburetor: Dellorto PHBL26 reed intake
Start: By pedal to primary transmission
Spark plug type: NGK-R BPMR6A.
Chassis: Double wrought aluminum cradle
Swingarm: Aluminium/ Aluminum.
Front suspension: Tech aluminium, diameter: 39mm, 175mm travel
Adjustment: Adjustable spring extension and preload
Rear suspension: R16V hydraulic progressive system
Regulation: Spring preload and extension
Travel: Rear wheel travel 168mm
Rim Type: Morad Laced Aluminum Rim
Front rim-tire: 1.6×21 Michelin X11 Trial 2.75×21.
Rear rim: 2.15×18 Michelin X11 Trial 4.00×18 TL.
Front brake: 185mm disc with 4-piston caliper BRAKTEC
Rear Brake: 150mm caliper disc
Dry weight: 65Kg.
Dimensions: Length x width x height: 2,015 x 830 x 1,125mm
Seat height: 640mm
Engine Protector: 7075 Aluminum
Stirrups: Adjustable

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