Sherco ST Trial 2017

has already announced the new features that will be incorporated into its 2017 Trial range. Despite the fact that in general terms it does not present major changes with respect to its predecessor, in reality the announced changes are important.
First, and most importantly, change the clutch. The 2017 Sherco finally gets a new clutch, in this case diaphragm, accompanied by a new clutch pump and tappet.
Its mechanics have been worked in two main directions: to completely improve the exhaust system to provide greater durability and performance at low revs, and on the other hand on its electronics, which now receive a new programming.
Other mechanical improvements include: reinforced gear selector, improved kickstarter mount and new chassis protection skid.
As for the chassis, the most important change is the redesign of the rear air filter box. The chrome-molybdenum chassis has also been reinforced in the most critical parts and finally receives a new design on the plate covering the engine.
The 2017 Sherco Trial will be marketed with 125, 250 and 300cc engines.
We remember that the 2016 Sherco range already received important improvements, relocating the air filter box in the rear assembly and the tank in the front, while receiving a new chassis with geometries very similar to that of its sister, the 2017 Scorpa


Soon we will inform you in detail of the list of new features.


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