News Gas Gas TXT PRO RAGA 2009

Gas Gas TXT PRO Raga 2009 The second edition of the Gas Gas Raga with tubular chassis has a radically different livery to that used on the standard TXT PRO.txtproraga09 It is committed to a solid chromatic differentiation, inheriting the colours with which Adam Raga has played all season.

In addition to the aesthetic touches, the new Gas Gas TXT PRO Raga Replica 2009 receives important changes that affect both its mechanics and its chassis.


– Raga design and adhesives.

– Tubular chassis painted in gold.

– Magnesium crankcases painted in gold.

– Magnesium clutch cover in gold color.

– Black swingarm.

– Titanium S3 exhaust manifold.

– JT7 carbon fiber final silencer.

– Keihin carburetor on the Pro 280R and 300R.

– Dellorto carburetor on the Pro 125R and 250R.

– New red anodized stock with increased water capacity. and stock to change compression on the Pro 250, 280 and 300.

– Aluminium intake nozzle.

– New crankshaft to improve the bass on the Pro 125R.

– Vertex piston on the Pro 300R.

– New, stronger radiator with better positioning for the thermostat.

– Titanium-coloured anodized rims and spokes.

– D.I.D. rear rim

– Aluminium rear wheel spoke tensioners.

– New Michelin ‘light’ tyres.

– Quick-release tire valve caps in red.

– Front fender with new Raga design, narrower at the front, in matte black.

– S3 aluminium footpegs, in titanium colour.

– Marzocchi fork with black bottles and revised settings.

– New anti-slip design of the skid plate.

– New chain tensioner.

– New longer clutch lever, now the same as the brake lever, in titanium color.

– Gold anodized brake calipers.

– S3 grips.

– Raga replica handlebar, lower and narrower, in titanium color.

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