Mecatecno Dragonfly electric test 2023: “the lightest trial bike on the market breaks with current canons”

author: DAVID QUER

author: DAVID QUER

Co-founder of Trialworld. Instructor at Trialworld School. More than 20 years as a trial expert in specialized motor media.

Mecatecno officially presents its electric trial motorcycle for adults, which will be named Dragonfly, in honour of the brand’s legendary model that sailed through competitions more than three decades ago.

This is not the first time that we have seen the Mecatecno Dragonfly live, since during the 2017 season the Mecatecno Dragonfly T-18 prototype was presented, which also participated in the Trial-E World Championship, reserved for electric trial motorcycles. Today, these bikes compete in the world championship alongside thermal bikes.

Since then, Mecatecno has not stopped working on the evolution of its prototype, with its sights set on the launch of a series production, offering a new electric variant for an adult market that, today, is exclusively occupied by the French brand Electric Motion.

Mecatecno Dragonfly E Eléctrica de trial
Mecatecno Dragonfly Electric 2023

MECATECNO invitation to Trialworld

A little over a month ago we received an exclusive invitation from Mecatecno to test the Dragonfly pre-series in absolute confidentiality. All the experience that the Trialworld team has accumulated with electric trial bikes, thanks to two years as distributors of Electric Motion, regular users and our comparisons, was going to provide a very interesting point of view of the new product.

At Mecatecno there is enthusiasm and confidence. Its expertise in e-mobility is beyond doubt; There are already many years working with child models and also thinking about how to make the leap to adult models, but not with a discreet product, as in the children’s range, but with a revolutionary bike in concept.

Mecatecno Dragonfly E Eléctrica de trial
Electrical mechanics of the Mechatecno Dragonfly 2023

Features Mecatecno Dragonfly 2023

Highlights Mecatecno Dragonfly

Mecatecno Dragonfly Dynamic Test

We met at the Cent Peus Motorcycle Club with the Mecatecno entourage. During the morning we were able to test the Dragonfly prototype that you see in the photo shoot in different terrains. We say prototype because there are elements that are not yet definitive for series production, such as the rear shock absorber, where two different options are being worked on.

The first thing that strikes you about the Mechatecno Drangonfly is its minimalist structure. We start with a combined frame, with a Aluminum base at the bottom and the swingarm, ensuring the durability and robustness expected for the context of such extreme use as trial, while The upper part of the frame is made of chrome-molybdenum, a common material in all trial chassis.

The absence of a fuel tank, radiator and air filter, means that all the space above the engine is designed for Housing a nearly 1.9 kW battery, which even leaves a free space at the top of the frame that gives it that particular aesthetic. Everything is thought out to the millimeter and is reduced to its maximum expression, which has allowed Mecatecno to announce a weight of only 60 kilos in running order, a historic figure in a trial bike for adults.

Mecatecno Dragonfly E Eléctrica de trial
Unprecedented and minimalist shapes in the new Mecatecno Dragonfly electric 2023
Mecatecno Dragonfly E Eléctrica de trial
Mecatecno Dragonfly electric 2023 equips M4 Parts pneumatic fork


As with combustion engines, there are important decisions to be made in advance in electric engines. A good example is the large gap between the approaches of GASGAS (gearbox and liquid cooling) and that of Electric Motion (automatic and uncooled). Little by little, the brands that launch electric trial motorcycles will be positioned towards a more complex environment (GASGAS) or practical as well as efficient (Electric Motion).

At Mecatecno they have opted for the Electric Motion route. It’s proven that you don’t need a gearbox, and it’s even more positive, as you have all the torque in the grip constantly and immediately. What is not questionable is the coupling of a clutch, which in the case of the Dragonfly is mechanical (diaphragm) and works exactly the same as on an internal combustion engine, accompanied by a Braktec hydraulic pump.

As for the response of the engine, one of the great virtues of electronics is that you can customize the response of the engine without needing to modify components. That is, by programming different power maps with more or less aggressive responses, which in the case of Mecatecno are labeled as beginner, advanced and expert. It is still a way of managing the delivery of torque and power to adapt it to the different profiles of the rider and, of course, to the circumstances of the terrain.


The Mecatecno has a battery of the same capacity as the Electric Motion. Autonomy depends on the context of use; In other words, if it is used in areas and small displacements, the consumption is very low and could be Reach 3 – 4 hours of moving wheel, which translated into reality is the equivalent of a little more than a tank of fuel on any trial bike.

Based on our experience, with this capacity, a morning of trial, with interzone, is covered without any problem. Charging takes just over three hours.

Consumption increases when we include speed and elevation factors, as is logical. What is proven is that for any trial enthusiast with the type of use we have discussed, they have no problem enjoying at least three hours in areas.

Mecatecno Dragonfly E Eléctrica de trial
2023 electric Mecatecno Dragonfly with a declared weight of 60 kilos
Mecatecno Dragonfly E Eléctrica de trial
Great agility and lightness of the 2023 electric Mecatecno Dragonfly


Dynamically, what is most impressive about the Mechatecno Dragonfly is its tremendous lightness and agility. The development team has achieved a balanced and easy-to-ride bike, giving it a friendly character, open to all audiences, especially those of amateur and medium level.

The front suspension is entrusted in this prototype to M4 Parts. This fork, which we already tested at Trialworld, lightens the front end by more than a kilo, as it is equipped with a hybrid pneumatic system between air and springs, being able to be configured very quickly and providing a feeling of great precision, although you have to get used to its feel. Not surprisingly, it was the fork with which Electric Motion was introduced in 2020.

For the rear axle there is no firm decision made. Work has been going on with Öhlins, but there are two more alternatives on the table, so this aspect is not definitive in the photos or in the test unit. It does look like it will work with a standalone gas system like the one we see in the photos, but nothing is confirmed.

Conclusions of the Mecatecno Dragonfly 2023 test

Our test lasted only about three hours, so We were able to get some very interesting information, but the intention is to complete it with a second dynamic test, already with the final version that will be manufactured “in series” and to be able to contrast on other types of terrain, as well as an environment more focused on trial excursions, where we will be able to check how its mechanics and autonomy behave.

As for the price, there is no confirmed figure, but its cost will be around €10,000 and the availability of the first units will be next November.

Mecatecno Dragonfly E Eléctrica de trial
Chema Quer at the controls of the 2023 electric Mecatecno Dragonfly

Photo gallery mecatecno dragonfly 2023

Rider's equipment in the test

The best

To be improved

DATASHEET mecatecno dragonfly electrica 2023

  • Electronics: 3 power maps
  • Motor: Electric
  • Gearbox: automatic
  • Weight: 60 Kg
  • Price: N.A. €
  • Front Tire: Michelin X-Light
  • Rear Tire: Michelin X-Light
  • Brakes: Braktec, with 185mm and 150mm discs
  • Front Suspension: M4 Parts Pneumatic 39mm
  • Rear Suspension: Not definitive
  • Chassis: Chromium molybdenum and aluminum
  • Outburst: Electric
  • Battery capacity: 1,875 wh
  • Clutch oil capacity: N.D.

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