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gg_reiger460Gas Gas confirms its agreement with the suspension brand Rieger. This commitment extends to the racing equipment and the next range to be mass-produced, so in principle, the next Gas Gas Raga will no longer be equipped with Sachs shock absorbers, but with Rieger.

We’ll see if Adam Raga continues to unilaterally mount Showa shock absorber on his Gas Gas, or really bets on the work and components offered by the Dutch suspension firm.

We leave you with the full press release issued by Gas Gas.  

Gas Gas and Reiger join forces to bring the latest suspension technology to trials. The firm will transfer its experience in the World Rally Championship to both the official team and the production TXTs.

Gas Gas and the prestigious Dutch suspension firm Reiger Racing have signed a collaboration agreement that will allow both companies to share experiences and work on the development of a new range of high-performance shock absorbers designed for trials.

The collaboration agreement will have a duration of Five seasons and makes Gas Gas and its trial models the exclusive recipients of the new state-of-the-art shock absorber that Reiger has created for this specialty, whose low weight (666 grams), size and multiple regulation options make it a unique product on the market.

For his part, Reiger will have the experience of riders such as Adam Raga or Dougie Lampkin to continue advancing in the development of a technology that will not only be destined for the official team but also for the highest range of its production TXTs.

The union between the two firms will be expanded through Nani Racing, Reiger’s importer for Spain, which will offer an exclusive aftermarket service to Gas Gas customers so that each shock absorber installed is adapted to the conditions of use and the characteristics of the pilot who will use it. Reiger Racing Suspension, based in Hengelo, was born in 1977 preparing motocross suspensions, although its recognition has come as a manufacturer of shock absorbers for the World Rally Championships and off-road rallies.

Created and directed by Gerard Seesing – in the centre of the photo, along with Ramon Puente and Adam Raga – this is the first time the brand has agreed to become a home equipment supplier.

Nani Roma

“As importers of Reiger, at Nani Racing we believe that the collaboration with Gas Gas will be very important; firstly because it will allow us to work with riders such as Adam Raga or Dougie Lampkin, but above all because it will serve to introduce an unprecedented technology in the world of trials through one of the most important firms in the market. The customer will be able to discover a brand and a material that are world rally champions and that have a spectacular technological level.”

Adam Raga

“In the short time we’ve been working with Reiger’s material, we’ve already seen how competitive it is. It is a very light shock absorber and, above all, it allows a large number of adjustments that we did not have until now. It will certainly be a big step forward to be able to count on his experience and it will make us stronger in racing, but more importantly it will offer great added value for our bikes.”

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