EVO 4Q 2010 Beta Presentation

Beta Evo 2010 Trial

The arrival of the “Evo” saga has contributed to optimizing the overall performance of the Beta 4T, since in addition to benefiting from a more evolved and competitive chassis part, certain details have been polished.
Basically, work has been done on the optimisation of the electrical system in order to achieve greater efficiency in start-up and smooth the overall response of the engine.
For the same purpose, the cylinder head has also been decompressed a little more and the carburetion settings have been modified.

For the more exquisite Beta also offers different booster kits for both versions – 250 and 300 – which basically consists of a CDI, different camshaft and titanium valves. The main contribution of this kit is, basically, a more dazzling increase in revs and greater capacity for overrevs.

Prestigious KTM engineers have been involved in the design of this engine, who ruled out any option of adapting mechanics from another specialty. The result has been fully satisfactory: moderately quiet, reliable, versatile configuration and, above all, competitive in terms of lightness with a record of 23 kilos – as a reference, a 2T like the one from Gas Gas is around 20 kilos.

The configuration follows the line of a single overhead camshaft – Y-shaped, with the spark plug in an oblique position on the left side – that actuates four valves, something that, on paper, translates into improved engine gas flow and a more homogeneous response. Beta technicians ensure that valve adjustment is very simple; Simply remove the front stays from the frame to be able to work on the cylinder head without major problems.

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