Adam Raga prepares for title assault despite Toni Bou’s lead

BouvsragaThis coming weekend will be held in the French town of Isola 2000 the penultimate and final round of the 2013 Trial World Championship. The The excitement of knowing the sporting outcome is unprecedented since 2006. when Adam Raga won his second and final world title on the outskirts of the Spa speed circuit (Belgium) after a thrilling battle with Fujinami.

Toni Bou has been dominating all the modalities of this discipline since 2007, with specific exceptions in the national Trial, scoring his thirteen world titles with resoundingness. In 2013, however, he reached the final stretch of the outdoor world championship with an opponent in great form and serious mathematical options to snatch the crown: Adam Raga.

In addition to the good sporting condition of Adam Raga, the great key of this edition is the controversial “non stop” regulations. After the barrage of criticism, including from Raga himself, which cost him even having to Ask for forgiveness publicly after some unfortunate statements just before landing at the US GP, the most overwhelming reality is that this new regulation has contributed to bringing Raga’s results closer to Bou, even allowing them to win four races and lead the championship at their halfway point.

Although Ragahas only been off the podium once, specifically on the second day of the Japanese GP, his perseverance and regularity have been his great allies. It is true that he has lost ground to Bou in the second half of the championship, but the Gas Gas rider arrives with serious options to unseat one of the best drivers of all time from the throne.

In France there are 40 points up for grabs and among them there are only 10 in favour of Toni Bou. Raga, therefore, does not depend on himself to achieve the title. He is practically obliged to win and, in addition, trust that the desire of Cabestany and Fajardo to dispute Fujinami for the third final place can keep Bou away from the places of honor.

If the fight between Bou and Raga will be exciting, the dispute between Fujinami, Cabestany and Fajardo for the aforementioned third position will be no less tight. Neither has a chance to aim higher in the final standings, but being all in a fist of only 8 points, they will surely give their best to obtain the bronze medal in a particularly different and complicated year where the “non-stop” regulations have been the main protagonist.


Toni Bou – 203 points

Adam Raga – 193 points

Fujinami – 149 points

Albert Cabestany . 142 points

Jeroni Fajardo – 141 points


The Junior category will not be without excitement either, where the two main protagonists are Jorge Casales and Pol Tarrés. In this case, the advantage is 12 points in favor of the Galician driver. While it is true that we are facing an important difference, in this category we are more used to seeing more protagonists in the leading positions, such as Jack Sheppard, and all casuistry is feasible.

In any case, this double scoring competition in France has great emotions in store for us and, possibly, surprises.

From Trialworld we will be following the competition. Follow us on Twitter and you will be able to be informed in a timely manner.

Text: David Quer

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