What’s New Beta Rev3 270 2005

betarev32005The sixth edition of the Beta Rev-3 has recently been presented with multiple improvements over its predecessor , aimed especially at gaining greater precision in its handling, and above all, reducing the final weight of the set by a few grams.

In addition, as a good Italian, the Beta is very impressive for its successful aesthetics , which this time gives prominence to ice gray, combined with details in a bright red. To complete it, some components of the bike – handlebars, crown and shock absorber – have also been anodized in titanium color.

Digging deeper into its mechanics, Beta’s technicians have focused on making major changes to the cylinder timing in order to achieve a fuller response at all speeds. Another point that has not been exempt from revision has been the ignition, whose curve has been modified, in order to solve one of the points that have given the most headaches in the past editions of the Rev-3.

However, where the Rev-3 has been worked on the most has been in the part of the cycle, especially the fork , whose bars have been treated with TINALOX to minimize friction, and offer three times more hardness than traditional chrome steel.

In addition, the internal valves have been modified for the sake of greater final progressivity. On the other hand, the Paioli monoshock still reigns in the rear axle, which this time has a new setting in order to homogenize the reactions of the whole. D

Where we also find big changes is in the braking system, Attractive pumps have been designed that, in addition to giving the Rev-3 a touch of exclusivity, manages with the help of the new calipers and brake discs, to reduce the final weight of the bike to around 500 grams.

Text: David Quer


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