trialbicivsmoto400All Trial lovers know that the “ Monty” type bicycle is the best school to acquire technical notions that later serve to have a greater dexterity on the motorcycle. Just as speed riders have their cradle on minibikes, we have it on bicycles. Proof of this is that great riders, such as Toni Bou himself, Tarrés or Fajardo, come from Trialsin.

The trial bike, like the motorcycle, is the lightest in its sector. Some work on the basis of “pedal” and others on the basis of “clutch and gas”; what makes it truly amazing are the vast possibilities of the Trialsin, where obstacles that many of us find difficult to imagine on a motorcycle are overcome.

As a picture is worth a thousand words, here is an exciting video starring the French driver Bruand, who for many years was in racing the World Championship and here he is driving a Scorpa SY 250F four-stroke.



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