TRS Motorcycles

TRS Motorcycles was established as a new motorcycle brand specialized in the manufacture and production of trial motorcycles in 2013, although it would not be until mid-2015 when the first prototype, called TRS One, would really be presented to the public.


The most important will be the launch of the TRS One R, a model that will be halfway between the current One and the Raga Racing. The One will mainly differ in that it will be equipped with the new “engine revolution” engine of the current RR (it has been assembled for 1 year and 3 months), as well as a Keihin carburetor (currently Dell’Orto) and a Reiger single-way shock absorber (currently Ollé).
We also have the presentation of the new TRRS Gold 2019 and the TRRS X-Track RR 2019, a trial-excursion

variant conceived on the basis of Raga Racing.

A new range of children’s electric motorcycles will be launched after the summer and the new TRRS Raga Racing 2020 will be launched in November.
As a sneak peek,
here’s an in-depth test of the 2019 TRRS Raga Racing


TRS was born from the initiative and drive of four partners.
The first, Jordi Tarrés, former trial rider and seven-time world champion.

Jordi Tarrés: TRS was born thanks to our passion for Trial and the experience accumulated over more than 30 years. Faced with a project of this size, we could only work meticulously from its conception, design and manufacture, using the most advanced techniques to achieve this result.
Our goal is to achieve a very compact and light bike without losing reliability and the robustness necessary to be able to face all kinds of obstacles. On the one hand, it has been taken into account that the geometry and suspensions offer you an unusual “feeling”; One of its most attractive points is the ease of adaptation of the rider regardless of his level of riding.

The second partner is Ricardo Novel, a businessman from Barcelona with a stake in several companies, whose activity revolves around logistics, spare parts and other industrial processes, always in relation to the automotive world, and who saw in TRS the possibility of continuing to build a solid and innovative industrial fabric.
The third partner is Marc Arañó, with solid experience in the two-wheeled sector in companies such as Derbi (Piaggio Group), Gas Gas Motos and Jotagas in which he led relevant international projects.
The fourth and final partner is Josep Borrell, a businessman from Barcelona who manages different investment funds and whose passion for motorcycles led him to invest personally in recent years in companies in the sector such as Gas Gas and JTG.


The technical level of the TRRS is very high and the spare parts service works superbly. In the
Trialworld Store
you can buy all the
official spare parts for TRS Motorcycles
, as well as interesting components from the auxiliary industry, such as chassis protections, exhaust, swingarm, forks…
TRRS Trial Spare Parts


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> TRS One Instructions, Exploded Views and Maintenance Manual
> TRS One Raga Racing 2017 Instructions, Exploded Parts and Maintenance Manual


The production facilities are located in the province of Barcelona, from where the R+D+I departments are also managed, while at the sports level it foresees a progressive participation that will be linked to the consolidation of the business.
The TRS factory is located at C/ La Coma nº 13, Pol. Industrial Santa Anna 08272. Sant Fruitós del Bages (Spain)
TRS Gold Edition Factory Trial

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