The Sustainable Field Bike (MCS) platform kicks off

Today, Thursday, November 29, 2018, is a date to remember. It marks the start of a new stage in the fight for the rights of motorbike users.

The Royal Spanish Motorcycling Federation has launched the Sustainable Field Bike (MCS) platform, an ambitious project whose ultimate goal is to achieve the regulation of motorcycle access to the natural environment. The current scenario that motorcyclists face when practicing their sport is bleak. The legislation is highly restrictive and pressure from environmental groups and other users of the mountain is huge, making it virtually impossible to enjoy the bike in the countryside.
Faced with this situation, the RFME set itself the objective , during the presidency of Manuel Casado, to try to change things. The only way to make it viable was to create a collective of off-road users with whom they could fight together and defend their rights before the Administration. To do this, it was necessary to create a platform that would bring them all together and this is how the website was born.
This website informs all the advances that are being made in the defense of the dirt bike and also offers numerous advantages to registered users: Appeals for sanctions, access to current legislation at state and regional level, as well as discounts on riding equipment and courses, special promotions, raffles or a large database of circuits where you can practice off-road sports.
To be part of this group, you only need to register on the MCS website. Federated pilots will automatically be part of the platform.
But, above all, the RFME insists that it is a medium- and long-term project. There is a long way to go, but this is the first step to change the unfair situation in this sector.

Luxury Ambassadors

Some of the most important figures in off-road sport have attended to support the launch of the Sustainable Field Bike. The Dakar legend Marc Coma,The multi-champions Laia Sanz and Toni Bou, the five-time enduro world champion and national coach Iván Cervantes, The fastest hardener of the moment Josep García y Alfredo Gomez, one of the best Hard Enduro riders, winner of the Erzbergrodeo with whom a pleasant colloquium was held. All of them have shown their unconditional support for the project.

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