The most exciting Trial World Championship is decided in Arnedo – 6 and 7 September

Bouvsraga2014There is less than a week left until the 2014 Trial World Championship, which will be remembered as one of the most exciting of the last decade, regardless of whether Toni Bou or Adam Raga wins it.

One of the main protagonists has been the controversial NonStop regulations that most riders do not like, imposed by the FIM in 2013. The new regulations pursued several objectives, among which is a decisive one, such as proposing the marking of simpler areas to encourage the arrival of more riders to the premier class… and at the same time increase equality between the leading drivers .

Regardless of the spectacle offered by one or the other regulation, the truth is that the World Championships of the last two years have been very disputed.

Here are the stats:

World Cup 2012 – Traditional Regulations

Toni Bou (1st) – 250 points – 11 wins from 13 races

Adam Raga (2nd) – 187 points – 1 win

Albert Cabestany (4th) – 181 points – 1 win

World Cup 2013 – Non Stop Regulations

Toni Bou (1st) – 238 points – 6 wins from 13 races

Adam Raga (2nd) – 228 points – 5 wins

Takahisa Fujinami (5th) – 169 points – 1 win

World Cup 2014 (not concluded) – Non Stop Regulations

Toni Bou (1st) – 185 points – 5 wins from 13 races

Adam Raga (2nd) – 178 points – 4 wins

Takahisa Fujinami (5th) – 123 points – 1 win


On September 6 and 7, the best Trial riders in the world will meet in Arnedo (La Rioja ). Toni Bou will be looking for his eighth consecutive outdoor world title and it depends on himself to do so, as he only needs two second places or to be ahead of Raga to be champion.

The big challenge lies with Adam Raga, who after an exceptional season that he has come to lead, not only is the victory worth him, but he needs a squire on the second step of the podium in at least one day to cut the seven points that distance him from Toni Bou.

Raga Corsica14

Probably thekey is at the level of the Arnedo areas. On routes that the top call “easy” mistakes are paid dearly and there are three great riders such as Fajardo, Cabestany or Fujinami eager for a good result. In addition, the three are in a handkerchief of only ten points and anyone could conquer third place, although it is Cabestany who has the bronze medal in his favor.

After them, the championship is more resolved. James Dabill will be looking to keep a position in sixth place and will have to keep an eye on the revelation rider of the category, the young Jorge Casales, who in his first campaign in the top category has achieved two brilliant fifth positions and is only thirteen points behind the Briton. Pol Tarrés, ninth, will do the same with Ferrer and will try to cut the Frenchman’s thirteen points advantage to climb one position in the championship.

Information about the location of the zones and the route


Regardless of how the 2014 World Championship ends, there will be no changes in terms of riders and structures.

This year Toni Bou, Fujinami and Raga were out of contract, but all of them have renewed with their respective brands. Toni Bou, who has been with Montesa since 2007, will continue to drive for HRC until 2018, while his teammate, Fujinami, who has spent his entire sporting life at Honda, It will do so for another year. Adam Raga has also renewed with Gas Gas, his long-standing trademark, for three more years.

There is no doubt that Cabestany will continue to be linked to Sherco, where he has been since 2005, while there is no news that places Fajardo out of Beta. However, Jeroni has been the “top” rider who has ridden the most brands in the last decade: Gas Gas, Ossa and Beta.

On the other hand, it will be interesting to see how the new brands approach their immersion in the Trial World Championship. Scorpa (made by Sherco) has just unveiled the 2015 Scorpa Twenty, while Vertigo and TRS could be seen in the home stretch next year.


Adam Raga: “Winning doesn’t just depend on us, but we have a good chance of doing it. In Arnedo we must give everything and do our best, as we have been doing throughout this season in which we have already achieved four victories. Whatever happens, I think we have to congratulate the whole team for the great work we have done throughout the year. Now it’s time to finish off a great season and the truth is that the best way would be to win. You have to be there and fight to the last zone!”

Toni Bou: “I’ve had a couple of crashes in the summer and after these scares, this last week we’ve trained more carefully. Still, I think I’m in good shape for the final test, especially after winning the Cahors race a couple of weeks ago, which was positive. At the French Grand Prix there was a lot of equality, so I prepared for this final race with a lot of enthusiasm. I hope the level of the race is good, because if it’s complicated it can be positive. If it’s an easy test, we’ll try not to make mistakes. In any case, we know that it will be a race with a lot of nerves, although for the moment I am calm. We all have a lot at stake. Adam and I are fighting for the title, but also the third position there are three riders who are fighting for it and I think this is good for the championship. We’ll go out there to win.”

Text: David Quer

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