The 75 Most Spectacular Trial Motorcycle Accidents in X-Trial

Crashes in trial bikes are not very common, but when they happen they can be quite spectacular.

Where there are usually more accidents in trial bikes is the X-Trial World Championship (Indoor Trial), since the obstacles are very technical and committed to squeeze the maximum talent of the riders.


Over the years we have seen how these races are becoming more and more demanding. And not only because of the difficulty, but also because of the maximum time the drivers have to complete the course, forcing them to take risks to scratch points on their scorecards. When speed comes into play, the spectacle goes up, but so does the risk.

On the other hand, the typology of areas has also changed over the years. Instead of more natural and spectacular areas, we have moved on to artificial areas with concrete or metal blocks, containers in very compromised geometries and a fairly limited grip.


Despite all of the above, it is not very common to see serious accidents. However, riders such as Toni Bou have suffered significant injuries as a result. Others, such as Arnau Farré, have ended up complicating his sporting career.

Fortunately, the vast majority of these crashes end without major consequences for the riders and the machines.

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