Montesa Cota 4RT 2016 News

Just a few days ago Montesa already told us that the next 2016 range of the Cota 4RT would incorporate profound novelties, but it was still pending to know the scope of these improvements and their impact on the performance of this 4T model.
The first point is revealed after this press release from Montesa, where the details of this evolution and the availability of the 2016 range in dealerships are already specified, which will be at the end of next July.

MONTESA COTA NEWS 4RT 260 2016 (Official Release)

Since the appearance of the 260 model in 2014, Montesa has continued to apply significant improvements to its trial models. Continuing in this vein, Montesa will continue to market the Cota 4RT 260 and Race Replica, which will be in dealerships at the end of July. In their 2016 versions, the main novelty is a notable increase in power thanks to the adoption of a new fuel pump that provides a higher flow rate of gasoline.
montesacota4rt260 2016
This factor, together with the development of a new ECU mapping*, is key to achieving a fuller power curve, especially at low and medium revs. But this is not all, since in addition to the increase in power, there is a notable reduction in engine braking when cutting the throttle, a factor that affects a greater feeling of lightness of the whole set. In this sense, the chassis is not exempt from novelties and now presents a repositioning of the footrests, lower and rearward, which also contribute to lightening the front axle.

In the national market, the ECU with double power map will be an original accessory The new Montesa Cota 4RT 2016 receives improvements in its mechanics and chassis partAlso noteworthy is the new radiator fan support, designed to evacuate dirt, small stones or objects, thus avoiding possible fan blockage. Another important novelty, exclusive to the 4RT 260 model, is the adoption of the improved Dunlop D803GP tyres, which surprise with their remarkable grip. The new characteristics of these tyres also have an impact on a noticeable improvement in feel and lightness at the front.

montesacota4rt260 2016 2

The Race Replica model also receives a new Showa rear shock in order to offer a higher level of agility and stability and with the advantage of providing a greater range of spring preload adjustment.
As in 2015, with the Cota 4RT260 model, an additional seat will be delivered as an accessory focused on the practice of soft trial, or excursion trial. The seat is easily removable and has a recess for transporting various items.
montesacota4rt260 2016 3

New Montesa Cota 4RT 260 Race Replica 2016* The versions of the models destined for export called Full Power (exclusive use in competition), have all these novelties plus an ECU with double ignition map that is activated by a switch located on the handlebars. Thus, in addition to the standard map, a second map can also be selected for low-traction conditions. Models destined for the domestic market can be equipped with the ECU equipped with dual ignition map as an original accessory.

Montesacota4RT260Repsol 2016


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