Koxx K-124 days

koxx_460That the K-124 Days are a unique event we have been seeing for years. A race that brings together the best riders in the world for a weekend where the only thing you are looking for is to have fun with trial. Shows, component presentations, bikes, trials in abundance and an incomparable setting are enough incentives to make a race , which has already become mythical, a success.

This year, it opens the season as we are used to, but it has changed its format to be held in two races. The K-124 Days will open and close one of the most anticipated seasons of all time.

Koxx did not want to take long to surprise us and thanks to Tribalzine we have been able to see and learn data about a model that will replace the famous Hidroxx of the French brand.

Kloud, that’s how they wanted To call a new series of bikes with which they want to get closer to the “non-competition” people and who do not want to and cannot spend the two thousand euros that today are worth their top-of-the-range bikes such as the Sky and that, let’s remember, are the ones carried by the two world champions, both in 20 (Benito Ros), and in 26″ (Gilles Coustellier).

We don’t know the price officially, what we have been able to see are the geometries.


On the 26 they have opted for a bike that is more manageable or less radical than the Sky, lowering the bottom bracket and with a power of 26. Something more “for all audiences”, but with a nice look. Of course! With Koxx’s spectacular components, any chassis  will end up with a good or very good bike.

As for the 20 version, is totally different to the Sky. Longer, (1 cm), lower and with the same chainstay distance (350mm), but of course, let’s see who is the brave one who today does not  use 350 in chainstays in a 20″.

This bike will be far from the radical position of the Sky 20, it will be longer but yes, we will get greater stability throughout the set. Of course, if you are 1.80 or more, this 20 will delight you.


The photos aren’t final as the bike is in development , but from the looks of it, Koxx has followed the decorating path of its big sisters. Sobriety and elegance.

In our opinion, you need cheaper bikes that are not so far from the top of the range and this can be a good way to at least give it a try… we’ll see what price these Kloud come out with.

Text: Álvaro López / Photos: Tribalzine

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