Jordi Tarrés: “We had better things in the Trial World Championship than we did 30 years ago”

During this quarantine, Jordi Tarrés gave us an exclusive interview with Trialworld. We started with a guided tour of his sports museum, where he had the great detail of approaching four great motorcycles of his sporting career.

Once these great milestones have been reviewed, we asked Jordi about his current vision of trial at a sporting level. At this point Jordi explained very clearly his position on the current regulations and the approach to competition trials.

Motorcycle Trial Offers

According to Jordi Tarrés “I’m tired of going to meetings with promoters along with the rest of the brands to achieve nothing, we are not listened to and things are only achieved when we finally stand up. And it’s all very long-term.”

Jordi Tarres Museum

He also pointed out that “the perfect trial surely does not exist, but I have come to the conclusion that the regulations are not the problem, but there are things that can be improved a lot”. Currently the rules of the World Cup are the NonStop, whose main idea was to make the areas of the World Cup more accessible, something that according to Jordi “From the beginning I told them that the opposite would be achieved, as the best physically prepared rider will do well at the first opportunity; If you are not so prepared, the stop gives you room to rectify the zone. In the end, it has been shown that it has not served to increase participation or lower the level of the areas.”


One of the big problems with the regulations is the scoring system, as it leaves the criterion of the possible stop of the bike to the zone judge. For Jordi, “trials are being done with a lot of difficulty where it is impossible not to stop, so it is difficult to have a more precise criterion. In the past, areas were made more often, with mud and water and it was evident that the areas were very dynamic. Right now it’s very difficult for the judges to score.”


Asking Jordi about how it could be done to improve participation and popularize competitive trials , he was also very precise. “You don’t have to put so many obstacles in the way with a pilot’s license, a backpacker’s license… and facilitate the arrival to the Spanish Championship. Federations should make it easier to go and compete, at all levels. The most important thing is participation, even higher in categories.”


As for the World Championship, Jordi also appeals to try to ensure that this influx of riders also reaches the World Championship. We asked him about the Qualify that determines the output order.

According to Jordi, “this qualification was a contribution from Jack Miller when he was organizing the World Cup. It was broadcast and it was fine, but they put more effort into getting the qualification and coverage right than the race itself.”


During the discussion with Trialworld, which begins with a visit to the museum, it ends with a monograph by Jordi Tarrés talking about his vision of trial.

He begins with this interesting reflection:
“In the Trial World Championship we had better things than we do now 30 years ago.”

Here’s the video of his opinion (starts in 1 hour and 10 minutes)


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