Interview with Toni Bou’s more personal side

Toni Bou has just completed one of the most complicated seasons of his sporting career. The uncertainty about the start of the 2020 TrialGP World Championship, with successive delays in start dates, caused a calendar with an unprecedented intensity, where any failure or setback could turn the results around.

Despite the fact that Toni mathematically clinched the title in the penultimate scoring race, the season started with problems for the champion. The week before the start he suffered a bad gesture that caused problems in a tendon in his arm, forcing him to compete in the French GP with difficulty. He finally achieved the consistency needed to celebrate his 28th world title, his 14th outdoors.

In this very personal interview, Toni Bou answers 28 questions about his sports routine, hobbies, lifestyle and personal ambitions. An interesting point of view from the most successful rider in motorcycling.

Photos of Toni Bou TrialGP 2020

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