Montesa presents its new Casual Wear collection

Montesa is a brand that has always existed. All of us who are motorcycle enthusiasts have had our own or close experiences with a Montesa. From the Montesa Cota 25 to the latest Cota 301RR, more than 50 years of uninterrupted production of the Cota have passed.

This collection is a tribute to trial lovers and the Montesa brand in particular. Inside we have caps, t-shirts, vests, sweatshirts, sneakers and more elements that will be progressively added to the collection.

All this equipment is available in the Trialworld Store casual trial clothing section

Official Montesa Casual Paddock Shoes
Montesa Casual Paddock Coat
Montesa Casual Paddock Vest
Montesa Ride Me Casual Sweatshirt
Montesa Masterpiece casual sweatshirt
Montesa Casual Paddock Sweatshirt
Montesa Casual Paddock T-Shirt
Montesa Ride Me Casual T-Shirt
Montesa 75th Anniversary T-Shirt Casual
camiseta montesa casual guilty
Montesa Guilty Casual T-Shirt

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