MC Cent Peus trial area: a great example for trials


Faced with the growing difficulties of practicing their favorite sport, more than eleven years ago, a group of fans met at a dinner to agree on the implementation of what at that time was a dream: to establish their own area to practice trial. This is how the Moto Club Cent Peus was born. The participants in that historic dinner made a small financial contribution and the project was launched. Today, after 11 years of operation, we can say that the Can Teyá Trial Area in Sant Fost de Campsentelles (Barcelona) is a splendid reality.

On an area of 25 hectares of land with trees, different obstacles have been gradually installed over more than a decade, with which to mark trial areas of all levels. You don’t have to go to Scotland anymore to enjoy the Scottish torrents. The members of MC Cent Peus, more than six hundred at present, including one hundred girls and boys, have replicated some of the mythical areas of the trial paradise.

The Area also has several warehouses where motorcycles can be stored and maintained, classrooms for theoretical classes, social premises for events, showers and toilets. All of this was carried out in compliance with all the requirements demanded at municipal and regional level.

When all members are discharged, they receive the rules of use, code of conduct, what to do in case of an accident and a plan of where to carry out the trial. In addition, there is an internal regulation that specifies the entire operation of the club. Every time members want to go to practice trials, they must register in their own club APP

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