Interview with Toni Bou: “The current situation is very hard for everyone”

The Coronavirus has changed the sports plans of practically every athlete in the world. Cancelled competitions, prohibition of going out to play sports… Today the end of X-Trial was confirmed, with the 27th title for Toni Bou after winning all five rounds. With the current lockdown scenario, what does the Trial World Champion do?

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– Toni, we’ve all seen the viral video you posted at the beginning of the confinement, performing different actions at home on your motorcycle… But how does Toni Bou spend this seclusion?

A: A bit like everyone else, in the best possible way. It’s a tough situation for everyone. And we are fortunate to stay at home, while others are the ones who stand up to try to stop this. I want to encourage and thank everyone who is making this enormous effort. For my part, I try not to lose my physical shape, try to do as if it were a pre-season, although at home… It’s quite complicated, but within the rhythm that we’re going to lose, try to make it as little as possible to reach the end of the confinement in the best possible physical condition. This is what has to keep us motivated these days.
– What is the obligation of each citizen where you live? Is movement restricted?
A: Yes, there is an alarm decree, everything is restricted and people are confined to their homes. You can only go out to buy what is really indispensable.

“What exercises do you do?”
A: Walking the dog is the only thing we can do to get outside. Only one person can go out and my partner hasn’t left the house yet.

“What sports?”
A: Stationary bike. Cardio… I can’t do anything else. Core exercises and lots of stretching…

– Do you take care of your diet?
A: Our usual diet is supervised. So I don’t think it needs to be changed at this point. If we see any change, maybe yes, but taking good care of what we eat is enough.
“What did you do with the bike?”
A: The video and nothing else. Anything else is a risk. I made the video without taking any risks; It’s fun for everyone and for me it was too. Until all this is over, no motorbike. In my case, this break is not hurting me. I had some injuries that were taking a bit of a while to recover and now it will be good to recover the injury in the vertebrae and recover that lower back that I have never fully recovered. You have to be positive and take advantage of it to recover these weaker parts.

– The 2020 X-Trial World Championship has ended earlier than expected. What is your assessment after winning all five races?
A: It’s a shame to have finished the championship like this. We had a very high pace, very good, with very even races with Adam [Raga]. Having won all 5 races, the balance can only be positive. It’s been a very good year for us, with an opponent who always makes it very difficult. We’ve had to fight hard and show our face in all the finals, with the team giving 100% at all times. It will be a title I will remember: to win back against Barcelona was an incredible moment for me. It’s a shame we couldn’t celebrate it in Andorra with friends, but it’s perfectly understandable, given the current situation.
– What are you looking forward to in 2021?
A: We hope to have an X-Trial calendar with many races and to be able to fulfill it! The start of next season is a long way off, but it seems that all the races will be tight with the Outdoor World Championship and there will be no rest. I think it will be a championship with a lot of races, which we already like…

– And at the Outdoor World Cup… The start has been delayed. Are you confident that you will be able to play all the appointments?
A: Right now it’s super-hard to know what’s going to happen. It is an exceptional situation for everyone, for all forms of sport in general. At least we can recover the format of running 2 days, Saturday and Sunday, and it is a solution. Keeping the whole calendar is tricky. At least with 5 GP’s and two races you already have 10 scoring races. Let’s hope so. There aren’t many other options…
Toni Bou Xtrial 2020
– Do you think all the riders will arrive at the first race on equal terms?
A: It’s hard to tell. It’s going to be hard for everybody. We are all living in a difficult situation and depending on how the Coronavirus affects the country in which you reside, you will have more or less options. When the curve starts to go down, it will be something else.

– What routines do you follow?
A: I get up, walk the dog, have breakfast and my sports routine is 1h30 of exercise bike, gym and stretching. I prepare the food, maybe a little later than usual, a bit of TV and social media to try to stay up to date and to know what needs to be done. Gym in the afternoon, a little softer, for 1h. Shower, dinner, TV and sleep…

“And the bike?”
A: I haven’t touched the bike since the last image you see in the video. I haven’t had to do maintenance or anything. It is clean and dust-free. Ready for when it’s all over.
Toni Bou XTrial 2020
– What protections do you take for the Coronavirus?
A: I don’t have a mask. If I have to go out for something urgent, I try to go to the gas station near me, first thing in the morning, when almost no one is there. I wash my hands very well, that’s also important. I buy the food online and they bring it to our home. I don’t go to any supermarket to avoid contact with people.

– Do you want to give a message to the fans?
A: I want to give a special thanks to the healthcare workers and other professions who work and stand up for us. We have the easiest job and we have to stay at home to get through this bad time. I wish luck and encouragement to those whose family and friends are affected. Everything will be back to normal soon.
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