Interview with Sandra Gomez

Sandra Gómez Cantero (23/01/1993) is a brave pilot of great projection who seeks to carve out a niche for herself within a select specialty where success is the private preserve of a few. However, the strength of a family that has trial in its blood and the great work done by the multiple world champion Laia Sanz, are the best engine for the motivation of this great promise.

Text: David Quer.

  • · Trialworld: Hi Sandra, first of all we have to congratulate you, because you already have two team world titles and you have also had a great season.

Sandra Gomez: “The truth is that I’m very happy with how things have been going for me lately, especially because of how quickly you learn when you’re in top competition. I’ve been lucky enough to coincide with Laia in the team world championships, so in addition to sharing great experiences, it’s also easier to progress and gain confidence.”

  • · TW: Laia’s feat is barbaric. Do you think that coinciding historically with it is an advantage or a curse that is difficult to overcome in competition?

SG: “It’s definitely lucky. No one has come as far as she has, and for that reason she has been forced to blaze a trail, with all that entails. For me it’s a reference, and that’s good, but it’s also clear to me that I have to look at myself and work hard to try to achieve my true dream of being World Champion one day.”

  • · TW: So, can we interpret Trial as officially your profession?

SG: “Trial is my life. It’s everything, and of course my profession. Nowadays I am forced to answer also in my studies, but I am very clear about my goals, and the Trial is all I need to be happy working.”

  • · TW: How do you think a girl’s physical abilities fit into the context of this specialty?

SG: “It’s clear that the guys have more strength, but if you look closely, the build of all the riders in front is very different. There’s really no dominant pattern either, saying who’s good and who’s not, so in principle I don’t think we’re at a disadvantage. It is clear that we all have to work on flexibility, strength and endurance, always making the most of our qualities.”

  • · TW: How do you plan those workouts?

SG: “I do a little bit of everything. Obviously, I train on the bike as many afternoons as I can during the week, so at least three, and the duration depends on the hours of daylight in the day. Then I complement it with other hobbies, such as skiing, climbing, mountain biking and swimming. I have the help of an excellent physical trainer, who is the same as my brother Alfredo, Mario Román and Lorenzo Santolino.”

  • · TW: We already said that you are having great results nationally and internationally. Has this earned you the respect of all your rivals or the opposite?

SG: “In general things are going well, there are always specific cases that it is better not to take into account, but the truth is that once again Laia has been key at this point. She’s gotten them used to a girl not only competing, but also being able to beat them, and that makes things a lot easier for me. I’ve been touring the paddocks for many years, both as a spectator and as a driver, so on my own merits I’ve earned the respect that every rider deserves.”

  • · TW: We also know that you like Enduro…

SG: “Yes, I love it too. The truth is that it helps me with my workouts and I also have a great time. It’s very entertaining and the racing atmosphere is very healthy. If all goes well, this year I will race the women’s world championships, where I hope to have fun and do well.”

  • · TW: Would you ride a Dakar?

SG: “Of course! It has to be an absolutely incredible experience, the maximum exponent within the dirt bike, but of course, it takes a lot of training and opportunities.”

  • · TW: Another trialist, Carla Calderer, has moved to speed. Do you like it too?

SG: “Well, the truth is that I’ve only tried the Supermotar, which I love, but speed is a dead end. You never know, I’ll tell you when I try it…”

  • · TW: Would you encourage other girls to do Trial?

SG: “Of course! I have no doubt that it is the best school in the world, from there you can try your luck in any specialty and you will surely manage to do well. Plus, it’s not too dangerous and it’s affordable compared to other disciplines.”

  • · TW: What do you like most about Trial?

SG: “The constant improvement of yourself, the dynamism and the people who surround it. But above all, contact with nature.”

  • · TW: And the least?

SG: “The injuries… and the fiascos!”

  • · TW: Tell me about an athlete you admire.

SG: “Amos Bilbao and Dougie Lampkin.”

  • · TW: You’ve both won the Scottish, would you dare to run the Six Days?

SG: “I love riding in the water and long-distance racing, which are two ingredients of that race, and it’s also the most important race in the history of Trial. The answer, therefore, is clear. I’m really looking forward to it and I hope to do it not too late!”

  • · TW: Is there any country that has captivated you to do Trial over the years?

SG: “Paradise is Cercedilla, without a doubt. But if I had to choose other places, I would choose the Italian Alps and Andorra, because of the spectacular nature
that exists.”

  • · TW: I guess this whole trajectory deserves a few thanks, right?

SG: “Absolutely. Of course to the RFME and Oximoto, who have put their utmost trust in me. Also to Gas Gas, my brand of always, and to my family, without whom I would never be who I am or live this incredible sport with such passion. Finally, thank you also to all my friends and supporters, who are always there to help me when I need it most.”

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