How to Repair Fork Scratches

The fork
of the trial
bike is an element very exposed to shocks, since when not overcoming an obstacle, normally, the rider tends to turn the steering and hold the bike. Sometimes, however, it ends up dragging and damaging key components that are usually never replaced on the trial bike, such as the fork bars.

With this article we want to give you some highly effective tips for the occasions when these bars suffer a scratch.
The first thing is to try not to compress the suspension to the point where the affected part exceeds the dust covers, as this scratch could cause the immediate deterioration of the seals and the consequent oil leakage. In such a case, there would be no other remedy than to replace the affected seal in addition to repairing the bottle.
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However, if we take precautions from the first moment of the claim, we can solve the problem easily and quickly.
The solution is to take a sandpaper of water, as fine as possible, and pass it over the affected area, in order to file the sharp points that have emerged from the scrape. Next, apply cyanoacrylate glue (Super Glue type or similar) to the area and wait for it to dry before sanding the area again.
With this operation we will have filled the area and polished rough edges, solving in most cases the conflictive scratch.


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, which prevent the problems we mentioned earlier. Here’s a handy tutorial:


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