GASGAS is looking for a “top 5” rider to renew its competition team

With the arrival of GASGAS to the group led by KTM, the Girona-based brand has taken a big step forward in its global presence. Starting with rebuilding the racing team with Albert Cabestany as Team Manager, to preparing a new TXT for the 2023 range.

In terms of communication, there is also a big step forward, and that is that the United in Dirt meetings are bringing the range closer to all the press and distributors. And beyond trials, GASGAS has a presence in all categories of the MOTOGP World Championship, with sporting successes included, as well as enduro and motocross.

The Trial is the DNA of GASGAS, but the results do not end up coming and the brand needs to find a solution for 2023. In 2021 the team was made up of Miquel Gelabert and Jorge Casales, ending with the traumatic departure of the latter without finishing the season due to disagreements between the parties. Here Miquel Gelabert had a great responsibility as team leader, and the truth is that he put in good performances. With this, he earned the renewal and in 2023 he has been the spearhead at GASGAS, accompanied by the Frenchman Benoit Bincaz, who had just recovered from a serious back injury and his results have been mostly discreet.

Miquel Gelabert TRIALGP Andorra 2022
Miquel Gelabert with GASGAS in 2022


Although to date there is no official communication from either party, it seems clear that GASGAS is going to do without Miquel Gelabert as the team’s official driver in 2023 (he has a contract until December, but does not have a renewal offer and is negotiating with other drivers), a surprising decision considering that He is one of the best-performing “young” drivers is having. And beyond the result in qualifying, we do it by assessing the difference against the records of the “top 3” in the race.

Well, everything points to the team keeping Bincaz, who despite having a worse performance, is interesting to boost the important French market. If we take into account that GASGAS is urgently looking for results in competition, it needs to target drivers who are higher in the standings.

The conclusion of the preceding paragraph is therefore that GASGAS would be looking to seduce a driver from the “top 5”, that due to contract expirations and projected results, the decision would be between Jaime Busto, Adam Raga and Gabriel Marcelli. Be that as it may, it won’t take more than two or three weeks to find out who will be on Miquel Gelabert’s bike. It is also possible that they will not end up being any of these “top” teams, which would mean that they would prefer to remain linked to their current teams.

All in all, it is necessary for the factory team to find a strong team of drivers to fight for the title in 2023. Of those riders who were in 2021 there will presumably be none left in 2023, and Bincaz is not in a position to fight for these positions.

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