EVO Factory 2020 Beta

We already know what the new EVO Factory 2020 Beta looks like. The transalpine brand has presented its top-of-the-range version of the trial catalogue introducing, as usual, improvements in chassis and mechanical components.
banner-web-trial-beta The first hallmark of the 2020 Beta EVO Factory is aesthetics. It keeps the wheels in gold (black on the standard EVO model) and gives more prominence to blue versus red. At the heart of its mechanics, we also find details in red, such as its stock. Here’s all the standard EVO 2020 Beta information for comparison. Beta EVO Factory 2020 Mechanical News In terms of mechanics, the EVO Factory model is once again offered in four engines, three two-strokes: 125, 250 and 300cc; as well as a four-stroke, 300cc version. All of them receive magnesium crankcases and new clutch discs to improve the performance and precision of this important component. In addition, the cylinder head of the 2T 300cc engine has been redesigned with new specifications that provide better performance in the low rev range. beta-evo-factory-2020-trial-2 For its part, the four-stroke engine receives a new CDI with more electric power to improve combustion throughout the rev range and a lighter exhaust, made of titanium. What’s new in the Beta EVO Factory 2020 cycle At the chassis level, its new gold-colored machined seatposts stand out, which also allow the handlebar clamps to be repositioned at the front or rear, according to the rider’s taste. From Beta they announce that the hydraulic of the Paioli fork has been revised in terms of settings. beta-evo-factory-2020-trial-3 As for the rear axle, the bulk of the work is taken by the suspension. The wheelbase has been increased and the hydraulics feature new settings to improve its sensitivity at low revs, as well as stability and take-off capability for the rear axle. In terms of brakes, the system is entrusted to a combination of Braktec and Galfer discs, improving both performance and the overall appearance of the bike. Other exclusive details of this Beta EVO Factory 2020 are the handlebar plugs, the “man overboard” stop system, chain tensioners, brake and clutch master cylinder covers. Spare parts and accessories for Beta EVO and Beta Rev3 from Trial

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