EVO Factory 2012 Beta Presentation

The engineers at

Beta Motor

surprise us with a highly exclusive variant of the EVO, called “Factory”, launched simultaneously with the Enduro RR4T Factory, with materials that are new in the standard range and a high intrinsic value as a limited edition.
Available in the 3 displacements 125cc-250cc-300cc, they are distinguished by the rich contents, all derived from the experience of the official team and attentive to the always rich after-market catalog.
Dedicated for the expert user in high-performance search, as well as for amateurs looking for an exclusive method, it will satisfy the most demanding fans.
• Finally also available in 125cc and 250cc displacements apart from the 300cc, all engines enjoy special attention both in the selection of all components and in their tuning.
• Magnesium crankcase. Around 1.5 Kg of savings, allowing to improve the handling of the bike and consequently the riding sensation.
• Clutch discs with a different design that allows for more precise driving and greater stability.
• Titanium exhaust manifold. The precious metal, in addition to guaranteeing a weight saving of about 500 gr., offers an increase in performance at high speeds. In particular, the version dedicated to the EVO125 Factory is an unprecedented model that contributes significantly to changing the character of the engine.
• Modified gear lever geometry for a smoother feel, smoother ride and precision ride.
• Red silicone radiator tubes: In addition to improving the aesthetic appearance, thanks to the technical quality of silicone, it allows greater heat dissipation.


• Fork clamp machined from red anodized aluminum. In addition to reducing weight and improving the look, it allows you to move between 6 positions on the handlebars. New limited edition full of exclusive components to adapt the bike to your own riding style.
• Anterior fork with dedicated tread and, also for the EVO 125 FACTORY, a black Hyperlox surface treatment, for greater softness and a greater feeling with the front.
• Wave brake discs: improve heat dissipation with obvious advantages in terms of stability of braking sensation.
• X-Light tires. The result of many years of collaboration with technical partner Michelin, the new tyres ensure savings of around 500 gr. Still an element that allows you to reduce the weight and consequently improve the handling of the bike.
• Numerous components in red anodized aluminum that embellish the assembly and ensure a high-impact aesthetic: Brake/clutch pump cap, engine oil cap, lever clearance adjustment register, chain register and handlebar caps.
• Carbon protections and components: Headlight holder and chassis protectors. Developed to blend in with EVO styling, they’re lightweight, impact-proof and protect the bike at the hottest touchpoints.
• Mechanized ergal footpegs. They guarantee lightness, robustness and high grip.
• Official sticker kit. The same decals of the racing bike, sponsors included, for a faithful replica of the bike used by the official Beta Factory Team riders.
It will be released from March 15th in a strictly limited edition. It will be attractively priced in view of the rich supply of components. The bikes will be available in the network of official Beta dealers with the following price (VAT included):
EVO 125 FACTORY MY12: 6,716 eu
EVO 250 FACTORY MY12: 6,716 eu
EVO 300 FACTORY MY12: 6,716 eu

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