Children’s Trial Course in Madrid

OSET School 480On March 27, a Children’s Trial Course will be held between 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. in the Madrid town of Sieteiglesias, with registrations already open through the website of the Madrid Motorcycling Federation

Places are limited to 16 pilots, who will be awarded in order of registration, the procedure of which is described at the end of this article.


Boys and girls, preferably with electric and automatic motorcycles, aged between 4 and 10 years.


A route with about 5 areas and two levels of difficulty (very basic, without obstacles, and a little more advanced) will be marked with tape that the children can do as many times as they want. Previously, these areas will have been walked with the monitors and the parents-backpackers.

During the course of the day, the monitors will be alternating in the areas to correct the children and help them technically.


1) Immersion of the child in purely Trial areas, rescuing the spirit of the Children’s Championship C.

2) Joint work between the child and the parent, in order to promote unity within the sport and for the parent to know better how to continue their child’s progression.

3) Less pressure for children. They pass freely through any of the areas, repeating the ones they like the most. They gain confidence and satisfy their desire to ride a motorcycle with the added value of “educating” themselves to ride within the limits of the already established belt.

4) This system will allow us to combine the “Challenge Training” days with a “Challenge Race” event where we score for an internal championship.

5) All this set of changes is aimed at rescuing and promoting the Children’s Trial, especially in the central peninsular area, offering alternatives for riders under 10 years old who want to start and learn in the specialty. For this reason, we want to ask you for maximum support in this new stage.


The motorcycle brand Oset will bring its three electric models, aimed at boys and girls between 2 and 16 years old, to the event.

If you are interested in seeing the characteristics of these models in situ or see the atmosphere of our Trial Courses, you are invited to the event.

See features of the Oset models.



The registration fee will be €38.00, with the possibility of applying for a federation license for 1 day only at a cost of €20.00.

The F.M.M. offers an annual training and course license that enables you to participate in any type of training activity, whatever the specialty, at a cost of €100.00 + club fee.

In addition, remember that in the case of the youngest (fry, juveniles and cadets) the annual licenses are subsidized in part by the F.M.M., at €60.00 for fry and €30.00 for juveniles and cadets, with the prices remaining as follows:

Alevín (Born between 2002 and 2007): €105.00 (Regional) and €120.00 (National) + club fee in both cases.

Youth (Born between 2000 and 2002): €145.00 (Regional) and €160.00 (National) + club fee in both cases.

Cadet (Born between 1998 and 1999): €165.00 (Regional) and €225.00 (National) + club fee in both cases.


Course Development and Technical Doubts: (David Quer)

Administrative questions and registrations: 91 441 66 56 (Alberto Yagüe)


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